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 Dear Friends,

GuruNanda is a holistic wellness brand, inspired by Ayurveda and infused with state-of-the-art Western health technology. It is a play on my name, Puneet Nanda. I believe so strongly in every product our company sells that I am proud to put my name on them. But more importantly, I want to inspire you to be the guru of your wellness, just as I have for myself.

GuruNanda has two main components: aromatherapy and oral care. These may seem like a random pairing, though I am deeply connected to both through my family lineage. 

There is, however, a deeper reason too. In Western wellness practices, smell and taste are often deemphasized. In Ayurveda, smell and taste are crucial tools for–and indicators of–overall wellness.


Ayurveda and My Story 

Ayurveda is the holistic Indian art of healing that is over 3,000 years old. The term is Sanskrit for the science of life. If you are familiar with the concept of chakras, the energy centers in the body tied to different colors and emotions, then you know a little about Ayurveda already. 

I come from a long line of renowned Ayurvedic healers, most notably Lal Bihari Nanda. My more recent forebears built a successful business contract manufacturing oral care for companies like Colgate and Oral-B. I followed in their footsteps, creating a brand called Dr. Fresh that went on to be the third-largest oral care manufacturing company in the United States. 

But eventually, constant stress and a terrible diet took their toll. After being hospitalized, I took an extended trip back to my Indian homeland. There, I immersed myself in Ayurveda, even becoming a certified practitioner. I grew healthier than I have ever been. 

I created GuruNanda to give you everything you need to do the same. 

Aromatherapy and Wellness


Aromatherapy is a key component of Ayurveda. It entails using essential oils to fight stress, elevate mood, improve sleep, and promote overall well-being. 

Western science is still catching up with Ayurveda: Medical researchers know aromatherapy works, just not exactly how. It is thought that the smell receptors in your nose can activate your brain’s nervous system, triggering your brain to produce the feel-good hormone serotonin.  

Here at GuruNanda, our essential oils are always 100% pure and natural. Don’t take our word for it: Every batch of oil is double-GC-MS-tested both in-house and through a third party to guarantee this. Better yet, our oils are sourced ethically and sustainably through our Global Farm Alliance, ensuring high quality, fair prices, and ongoing economic benefit to developing communities around the world. 

Our essential oils are best used with our state-of-the-art diffusers and humidifiers. Together, they represent the fusion of Ayurvedic wisdom and cutting-edge wellness. 

Oral Care and Wellness

It is now widely understood that your mouth is the gateway to your overall health, but Ayurveda was the first to make this discovery. Healthy teeth and a balanced oral microbiome keep your breath fresh and your smile bright, but they do more than that. They fight bad bacteria and tooth decay that can spread to other parts of your body.

In keeping with my commitment to bringing together ancient Ayurveda and modern medical innovations, our oral care ranges from traditional Ayurvedic products like tongue scrapers and pulling oil to Ayurvedic and Western fusions offerings such as our eco-friendly Concentrated Mouthwash and Our Dual Chamber Whitening Mouthwash. 

Both our Concentrated Mouthwash and our Dual Chamber Whitening Mouthwash are formulated with a proprietary blend of seven pure and natural essential oils to support stronger teeth, happy gums, and overall oral health, combined with groundbreaking, new-to-the-world technology. In this way, they offer the best of nature and Ayurveda, combined with landmark innovations in oral care.

These products and others are available on our website, in Walmart stores, and in

Fundamentally, Ayurveda teaches that wellness is holistic. To care for one part of the body, you must care for the whole. By giving you the tools to improve your well-being through smell and taste, I hope to help you care for your mind, body, and spirit beyond what you ever dreamed possible.