GuruNanda Global Farm Alliance 

We source our oils directly from our Global Farm Alliance, without the need for middlemen. This Alliance is a network of farmers around the world who I have built strong personal friendships with. During the workday, my team members here in Los Angeles will often quiz me at random to see if I know immediately where each essential oil we sell is sourced from. I am proud to say I always do! 

Having personal relationships with our farmers does several important things at once. 

First of all, I am a big believer in the power of friendship. I am very lucky to know so many kind and dedicated people around the world, and I am proud that they are all represented in our essential oils.  

Second, because I know all of our farmers personally, I can guarantee that they are growing our plants from non-GMO seeds and without pesticides or chemicals. 

Third, because I do not use middlemen, I am able to pay my farmers more money directly. I am passionate about working with farmers who are making a positive social, economic, and economic impact. In fact, we only purchase from farmers who build schools for the children in their communities. Every time you purchase from GuruNanda, you too are helping their efforts.

On behalf of myself, my team here in Los Angeles, and our entire Global Farm Alliance, thank you for allowing us to be a part of your wellness journey. 

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Sustainable, Pure, Accessible: Our Ecosystem of Good Karma

Here at GuruNanda, we guarantee that our essential oils are always:

 100% pure, natural, and sustainably harvested from the best farms the world over. We test every essential oil we produce twice, both in-house and through third-party GC-MS testing to ensure uncompromised quality. 

Individually cultivated from their country of origin. We source the plants in our essential oils from the highest-quality, pesticide-free farms in each plant’s native environment.  

Fairly priced and accessible. We believe in the therapeutic benefits of aromatherapy for all, and we price our essential oils accordingly. 

How we can guarantee all three of these things at once? The answer can be found in our third core value: our commitment to creating an ecosystem of good karma.