When I first came to the United States over two decades ago, I thought I knew everything about wellness. After all, I was a foreign medical expert and entrepreneur. How wrong I was. Soon, my crazy work hours, terrible diet, and constant stress took their toll. I was taken to the hospital for an apparent heart attack. In fact, it was a nervous breakdown.

My doctor wanted to give me more pills. I say “more” pills, because I was already taking many for every aspect of my health, and they clearly weren’t helping. Now, I am a firm supporter of Western medicine. I always listen to my doctors, and I hope you do also. But as I lay in my hospital bed, I realized that if I truly wanted to get well, I would have to heal not just my body, but my mind and my spirit.


As soon as I could, I took a trip to India, where I was born and raised. There, I threw myself into the ancient Indian healing system of Ayurveda. In fact, I come from a long line of healers. My great-grandfather Lal Bihari Nanda was in his day one of the top Ayurvedic healers in the world. But when my family migrated from Pakistan to India, that knowledge was lost. So in studying Ayurveda, I not only regained my health, but my birthright. And once I was well, I began to devote myself to helping others.


I founded GuruNanda to bring the holistic, transformational benefits of Ayurveda to the whole world. The company’s name is meant to be playful: As I healed through Ayurveda, I became the guru of my own wellness. And that’s what I desire for you too.

GuruNanda incorporates Ayurvedic values at every level, making top-quality, ethically sourced healing products available to all. My commitment to you is threefold: authenticity, quality, and good karma. 

I am honored to be part of your wellness journey.