Dear Friends,

Essential oils are a key part of my Ayurvedic wellness practice, so it saddens me that in Western countries, they are often associated with low-quality products and dishonest sales practices. 

Unfortunately, many tinctures marketed as "essential oils" contain only a few drops of pure and natural essential oil, mixed with synthetic chemical filler. In these cases, not only does the essential oil not do what it claims, it could actually make you sick! 

Luckily, there is an easy way to know the quality of an essential oil: GC-MS testing.

What is GC-MS testing?  

GC-MS is short for Gas Chromatography-Mass Spectrometry. This is a method of quality testing used to identify unknown samples, contaminants, or residual solvents in essential oils. It is the most accurate way to identify the purity of the essential oil, similar to how blood tests operate for human beings.

Here is an example of an official GC-MS report for the GuruNanda True Lavender Essential Oil:

GC-MS report for Guru Nanda True Lavender Essential Oil

Why is GC-MS testing important? 

GC-MS testing is the easiest way to ensure that an essential oil is both safe and beneficial to use.

If you're never heard of this, it's because sadly many essential oil businesses do not make these results publicly available. They claim that their products are pure and natural, but their lab results prove otherwise. So they hide them. 

We do the opposite. 

How are GuruNanda essential oils GC-MS tested? 

This is a very important question that I am proud to answer. Here at GuruNanda, not only do we do third-party GC-MS testing, but we also test our essential oils with our very own in-house GC-MS machine.

We include a copy of each test result on every product detail page for full transparency. 

Guru Nanda GC-MS Testing

GuruNanda is built on three core values, or pillars: Authenticity, Quality, and Good Karma. 

Our essential oils are not only high-quality, but ethically and sustainably sourced. Our Global Farm Alliance program allows us to ensure that our farmers are paid fair wages, benefitting and developing their entire communities. 

We are honored to offer essential oils that are a force for holistic good.

Namaste, Puneet