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The difference is in our sourcing… and our intent! Puneet “Guru” Nanda’s life was changed by essential oils. Born and raised in India, he wanted to bring the holistic benefits of these 100% natural oils to the rest of the world at an affordable price, without compromising quality… and so was born the Guru Nanda brand. Experience the best, most pure essential oils at a fraction of the cost of other brands. Guru Nanda has a Global Farm Alliance to ensure that only the best essential oils are extracted from plants that grow in their native environment. Each batch of oil is then rigorously tested and always packed Farm To Bottle with nothing added and nothing removed.
Guru Nanda Global Farm Alliance Map showing  where oils are sourced. Peppermint : USA, Rosemary : Morocco, Cedarwood : USA, Vetiver : Haiti, Orange : Brazil, Lavender : Bulgaria, Lemon : Italy, Cinnamon : Sri Lanka, Ylang Ylang : Madagascar, Tea Tree : Australia, Clove : Indonesia, Lemongrass : Nepal, Eucalyptus : China

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100% Pure Essential Oil
Guru Nanda Essential Oils are sourced from all over the world. Each plant was carefully selected based on where it best thrives. Plants are selected based on their heritage and reputation in an effort to distill only the purest and most powerful essential and packed farm to bottle. Nothing Added, Nothing Removed.
Guru Nanda Orange Essential Oil Bottle on Table with half peeled orange
Guru Nanda Modern Diffuser on Night Stand Next to Bed with Breathe Easy Essential Oil. Diffuser is Misting and light is on
Essential Oil Diffusers
Guru Nanda Essential Oils are best paired with an aroma diffuser to fill your space with natural, therapeutic fragrance. Browse our full collection of powerful, affordable  and reliable aroma misters that fit perfectly into your home decor. Shop Our Collection and start enjoying aromatherapy today!
...And So Much More!
In addition to Farm to Bottle Essential Oils and High Quality Diffusers, Guru Nanda offers a wide variety of wellness & aromatherapy products including: Pulling Oil, Carrier Oils, PPE, Hand Sanitizer & More! Guru Nanda products are always ethically sourced, cruelty-free, non-GMO, all-natural and contain no synthetic ingredients. We guarantee the quality of all of our products and each batch of oil is third-party GC/MS Tested.
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