What is Ayurveda?

Ayurveda is an ancient
Indian system of medicine and holistic healing that has been practiced for
thousands of years. It means the science of life in Sanskrit. Ayurveda’s
popularity in America and other Western countries has grown in recent years due
to several factors.

First, there has been a
growing interest in alternative medicine and holistic health practices.
Ayurveda offers a natural and holistic approach to health and wellness, which
appeals to many people who are looking for alternatives to traditional Western

Second, Ayurvedic
practices are often viewed as being more gentle and less invasive than Western
medicine. This is particularly attractive to people who are seeking to avoid
the potential side effects of prescription medications.

Ayurveda teaches the
importance of mind-body connection, oral care as a gateway to overall health,
and the impact aromatherapy can have on wellness. Ayurvedic practices such as
oil pulling, tongue scraping, and aromatherapy have gained popularity due to their
perceived effectiveness and natural ingredients.

Why was GuruNanda started?

As a child growing up in India, founder Puneet Nanda never paid much heed to the Ayurvedic wellness practices he was raised with. But everything changed when, after moving to America and working grueling hours to grow his oral care business, he experienced a health crisis. Desperately needing a change, Puneet immersed himself in yoga and Ayurveda in order to live a healthier lifestyle, eventually becoming a certified practitioner. He created GuruNanda to make these practices accessible to all. 

By bringing natural and holistic Ayurvedic practices to the mainstream through his array of aromatherapy, oral care, and supplement products, Puneet Nanda is “bridging the gap” between Ayurvedic and Western medicine and making a significant impact on the health and beauty industry. His commitment to quality and affordability has made GuruNanda a trusted brand, with its products available online and at stores like Walmart, where they are accessible to all. 

How does GuruNanda giveback, or “bridge the gap”?

First and foremost, GuruNanda “bridges the gap” between Western and Ayurvedic wellness practices. All our products are developed by teams of both Western and Ayurvedic wellness
experts to maximize the holistic benefits to our customers in mind, body, and spirit without the negative side effects associated with purely Western wellness remedies. Additionally, select products, such as our Coconut + Mint Pulling Oil are put through rigorous double-blinded tests at third-party labs to prove their effectiveness.  

The idea of “bridging the gap” is also reflected in our commitment to making our products high-quality and accessibly priced so that all may enjoy their wellness benefits. We want to help provide wellness to people who would otherwise not be able to afford it, which is a sad reality in our society today–especially regarding oral care. We are proud to help people from all walks of life improve
their wellness. 

Last but not least, we at GuruNanda want to “bridge the gap” between our company and the global
community. As a company that sources its natural ingredients from around the world, GuruNanda places great importance on supporting the communities that produce these ingredients. Through partnerships with local farmers, we ensure that these farmers receive fair compensation for their work, helping to sustain their livelihoods and improve their quality of life.

GuruNanda also gives back to the community in other ways. In our founder and CEO Puneet Nanda's native city of New Delhi, the company provides lunch for an orphanage, ensuring that these children have access to nutritious meals. 

“Bridging the gap” is our mission at GuruNanda, and we are proud to work every day to achieve it in many ways.

Does GuruNanda ship internationally?

Yes, as of February of 2024. We are glad to be expanding our mission of providing affordable,
top-quality wellness products to the whole world. 

What are doshas?

Dosha is an Ayurvedic term in the ancient language of Sanskrit, meaning “that which can cause problems.” It refers to three categories or types of substances that form regulatory principles of the body, mind, and behavior: Vata, Pitta, and Kapha.

Everyone is predisposed
to one dosha. They are: 

Vata (air) - Slim, energetic, and creative people, who can also be anxious and scattered.

Kapha (earth) - Big-boned people who are deliberate and wise but perhaps prone to sluggish metabolism and weight gain. 

Pitta (fire/water) - Muscular and athletic people who are intelligent but perhaps quick to conflict, acne, and inflammation. 

Ayurveda teaches about different remedies for the imbalance, or overpresence, of each dosha. 

What are signs of vata imbalance?

Symptoms of vata imbalance are: 

  • Dryness and roughness of skin
  • Too much weight loss 
  • Irregular bowel movement or constipation
  • Pain in bones, joints
  • Flatulence
  • Anxiety and restlessness 
  • Abnormal pulse rate

Ayurveda suggests treating vata imbalance with massage with essential oils, as well as steam and

What are signs of kapha imbalance?

Symptoms of kapha imbalance are: 

  • Excess bodily fluids.
  • A thick, white coating on the tongue
  • Slow, sticky, sluggish bowel movements
  • Extra body weight
  • Difficulty rising in the morning
  • Feeling foggy, dull, lethargic, or heavy
  • Getting easily attached or possessive
  • Feeling overly sentimental, complacent, or stubborn

Ayurveda suggests treating kapha imbalance by eliminating salt from your diet, eating lighter foods, and getting exercise. This is a good practice for everyone. 

What are signs of pitta imbalance?

  • Red or irritated skin.
  • Burning digestion and an overactive metabolism.
  • Nausea or discomfort upon missing meals.
  • Loose stools.
  • An uncomfortable feeling of heat in the body.
  • Feelings of frustration, anger, and irritability.
  • Judgment, impatience, criticism, and intolerance.

Ayurveda suggests treating pitta imbalance by eliminating alcohol, coffee, heavy meats, and fried, oily, salty, sour or spicy food. Eat beans, grains, coconut, and watermelon as well as other “cooling” foods.

oral care

What is the best oral care product?

What is the best mouthwash to use after a procedure?

The best mouthwash after any procedure is the Dual Chamber Mouthwash as it has H202, which helps fight gum disease and periodontal pathogens. 

Why use pulling oil?

Oil pulling is a natural and gentle method of maintaining oral hygiene, and it is unlikely to disrupt the healthy microbiome of the mouth when done properly. Some studies suggest that oil pulling can actually promote a healthy balance of oral bacteria by
reducing the number of harmful bacteria in the mouth and supporting the growth of beneficial bacteria.

However, it's important to note that oil pulling should not be used as a substitute for regular brushing and flossing, as it does not remove plaque and debris from the teeth as effectively as mechanical brushing and flossing. It's also important to choose a high-quality oil that is free from contaminants and additives.

GuruNanda Coconut + Mint Pulling Oil is an all-natural way to help rid the mouth of cavity-causing bacteria and plaque without destroying good oral bacteria. Used regularly, it can help keep breath fresh and teeth whiter. Fortified with eight pure and natural essential oils and three vitamins, this product supports cleaner teeth, stronger bones, and healthier gums for a happier smile.  

Why use Coconut + Mint instead of plain coconut oil?

There are three reasons
to choose GuruNanda Coconut + Mint Pulling Oil

Viscosity: While
conventional coconut oil on its own can help pull bad bacteria from the teeth and gum line, its viscosity can make it difficult to effectively swish between teeth.

Synergistic blend: This
blend of fractionated coconut oil mixed with 100% pure and natural oregano oil, a natural antibiotic, as well as other antimicrobial essential oils like tea tree, clove, peppermint, fennel, cardamom, and spearmint, offers synergistic
benefits and support inhibiting bad bacteria and
dislodging the biofilms that cause tooth decay and gum disease. 

Taste: With the fresh taste of essential oils and virgin coconut oil, and lightly enhanced with stevia, GuruNanda Coconut + Mint Pulling Oil is gentle and pleasant on the palate. It also contains Vitamin D3,K2 and Vitamin E.

What oil can I use for pulling if I’m allergic to coconut?

Try olive oil or sesame oil (some people do not like the taste of sesame). Add 4-6 drops of Concentrated Mouthwash into the oil and swish.

Does oil pulling support gum health?

Oil pulling can support healthier gums by helping remove bad bacteria from the gum line and between teeth. This in turn can lower the risk of gingivitis, gum sensitivity, and bleeding gums. GuruNanda Coconut + Mint Pulling Oil is fortified with a blend of 100% pure and natural essential oils and vitamins to support anti-inflammation, stronger gums, and even stronger teeth, in addition to refreshing breath and whitening. 

How and when do I use pulling oil?

GuruNanda Coconut + Mint Pulling Oil can be used up to twice a day. Simply swish the product in your mouth and between your teeth for up to five minutes, then spit it out in the trash can. 

If you are new to using pulling oil, you may find its thicker texture unusual at first. Start by swishing for even ten seconds, then slowly build up. If you oil pull for 3 minutes or over, the oil mixes with your saliva and saponification turns the liquid into a thinner, almost water-like substance. 

Should I oil pull before or after brushing?

GuruNanda Coconut + Mint Pulling Oil is a pre-brush regimen. It softens the biofilms behind which the bad bacteria that cause cavities hide. After oil pulling and water flossing, brushing will be even more effective at cleaning teeth and removing bad bacteria and food buildup. 

Can oil pulling whiten teeth?

Coconut oil pulling is believed to whiten teeth by removing bacteria and plaque from the mouth. The oil's fatty acids bind to the bacteria, helping to lift stains from the teeth. While not scientifically proven, this traditional remedy is popular for its natural, chemical-free approach to oral care. GuruNanda Coconut + Mint Pulling Oil contains coconut oil as well as 100% pure and
natural essential oils and vitamins that support a balanced oral microbiome, fresher breath, stronger teeth and gums, and a brighter smile.

How does GuruNanda Oil Pulling Coconut + Mint Mouthwash differ from traditional mouthwash?

Traditional mouthwash is made with the base of water, synthetic dyes for color, germicides like alcohol, cetyl, peridium, chloride, and artificial sweeteners like sodium and saccharin. By using it, you run the risk of killing good oral bacteria that helps you break down food and fight cavities, drying out your mouth, and even staining your teeth. 

On the other hand, GuruNanda Coconut + Mint Pulling Oil is a pre-brush rinse. It’s oil-based and has added ingredients of oregano, tea tree, clove, peppermint, spearmint, cardamom and fennel seed oil. Added also are vitamins D3, K2, and E. Each of these essential oils had traditional benefits being a natural antimicrobial, anti-fungal, a natural antibiotic, a natural nesthetic, and a natural antiseptic alongside breath-freshening. These vitamins ensure bone health and mucosa health.

When you use Coconut + Mint Pulling Oil, you loosen the biofilms that host cavity-forming bacteria like streptococcus mutans by pulling the lipid-membrane bacteria from behind the biofilms. Reduction of these bacteria helps with maintaining a healthy oral
biome as well as overall oral and general health.

Each component of Coconut + Mint Pulling Oil works together to help achieve this. “Coconut oil, when pulled, acts as a ‘soap’ and cleans teeth and gums from unwanted buildup,” says holistic and functional dentist Dmitry Dolgov, DMD of The Dentist Lounge in Santa Monica, California. “Peppermint has antibacterial/antiseptic properties that will help fight harmful germs and bad breath.”

It’s this natural, synergistic formulation that sets GuruNanda apart from drugstore brands. “Traditional mouthwashes have many different artificial colors, additives, and sweeteners that can be harmful to the oral microbiome,” says Dr. Dolgov.
“Abrasive compounds such as alcohols and peroxides can also commonly be found in [traditional] mouthwashes—these can be too aggressive for our microbiome, killing both good and bad bacteria, shifting us to dysbiosis. A good mouthwash helps address inflammation and promote beneficial bacteria rather than destroying everything in its path.”

Can traditional mouthwash cause high blood pressure? 

At least two scientific studies appear to confirm this hypothesis. One study (PMID: 31542940) found that mouthwash use was associated with an increased risk of high blood pressure. The second study (PMID: 31709856) suggests that frequent regular use
of over-the-counter mouthwash may increase the risk of hypertension, independent of major risk factors for hypertension. That said, this also suggests that the opposite can be true – biofilm management on the back of the tongue (with tongue scraping) and eating a healthy diet may be able to help maintain blood pressure. 

What are the key ingredients in the GuruNanda Oil Pulling Coconut + Mint Mouthwash? What are the benefits?

The key ingredients in Coconut + Mint Pulling Oil and their traditionally known benefits are: 

  • Tea Tree essential oil: natural antiseptic 
  • Oregano essential oil: natural antibiotic 
  • Clove essential oil: natural anesthetic 
  • Peppermint essential oil: supports mouth freshening 
  • Spearmint essential oil: antibacterial and antimicrobial properties 
  • Fennel essential oil: helps reduce plaque buildup, freshens the mouth 
  • Cardamom: supports mouth freshening 
  • Vitamin D3: supports bone health 
  • K2: transports calcium to bones 
  • Vitamin E: supports mucosa health 
  • Coconut oil: helps pull bad bacteria from the mouth, loosens biofilms, and provides lauric acid, which is an antibacterial

Disclaimer- All the above are benefits and are not approved by FDA or major scientific community. Although these oils have been heavily studied and their studies are published on PubMed.

Overall, these ingredients provide a range of oral wellness benefits. 

Can Coconut + Mint Pulling Oil go down the drain? 

While GuruNanda coconut oil is specially formulated not to freeze, if you are worried about your pipes, spit it out into the trash can instead of the sink.

What is the pH of Coconut + Mint Pulling Oil?

The pH of MCT (Medium-Chain Triglyceride) oil is generally considered to be neutral, similar to most other oils, and does not have acidic or alkaline properties. Oils are composed of fatty acids and glycerol, which are non-polar substances and do not have a pH value in the way that aqueous solutions do. pH is a measure of the acidity or alkalinity of an aqueous solution, and since oils are not water-based, the concept of pH does not apply to them. It is a type of fat that is easily absorbed by the body and is not involved in the body's acid-base balance.

Is Coconut + Mint Pulling Oil safe to use while breastfeeding?

We always recommend that you consult your doctor about anything you put in your mouth and on your body while breastfeeding. Coconut + Mint Pulling Oil is not meant to be ingested, just swished and spit out. It should not have negative effects, given that its ingredients are all-natural–but please consult your doctor. 

Can children use pulling oil?

We do not recommend that children use pulling oil for the following reasons: 

Swallowing risk: Young children, especially those below the age of six, may have difficulty understanding the process and may accidentally swallow the oil. Swallowing a significant amount of oil can potentially lead to gastrointestinal discomfort, such as nausea or diarrhea. 

Choking hazard: Oil pulling requires swishing the oil vigorously in the mouth, and young children may not have the necessary motor skills to perform this action properly. There is a risk of accidental choking if they are unable to control the movement of
the oil in their mouth.

Can you oil pull if you have throat issues?

Oil pulling, when performed properly and without swallowing the oil, is considered safe for individuals with normal throat muscle function. However, for individuals with compromised throat muscles or difficulty swallowing, there may be an increased risk of aspiration pneumonia, which is when saliva, food, drinks, or other substances enter the lungs instead of the stomach. If this is you, please use caution oil pulling.  

Can Pulling Oil Help With Bad Breath?

A third-party double-blind study has demonstrated that Coconut + Mint Pulling Oil helps keep bad breath away for up to 12 hours (or 24 hours if used twice a day). Unlike other equally strong bad breath mouthwashes, this pulling oil causes no erosion of the microbiome, no dry mouth due to alcohol, and contains no chemicals or synthetics. 

Can I use vaseline for oil pulling?

Using Vaseline for oil pulling is not only ineffective but potentially harmful. Vaseline is not intended for oral consumption and can contain impurities or additives that are not safe to ingest. Swallowing Vaseline during oil pulling can cause gastrointestinal issues and may even lead to serious health problems. 

If you're interested in oil pulling, it's best to stick with Coconut + Mint Pulling Oil

Can oil pulling improve your skin?

Your mouth is the gateway to overall health and wellness. For that reason, it’s not surprising that oil pulling has been associated with clearer skin. It has been suggested that by removing toxins in your mouth before they enter your bloodstream, your skin biome can stay more balanced. 

How does oil pulling help bones?

Coconut + Mint Pulling Oil is infused with vitamins D3 and K2 for bone health, vitamin E for mucosa and gum health, and vitamin K2, which transports calcium to bones. This compounds the pulling oil’s oral wellness benefits of a balanced oral microbiome, fresher breath, and whiter teeth.

Can you do oil pulling with braces?

Yes. If you have braces, you know that it is extremely difficult to clean underneath and around them. We highly recommend oil pulling as part of your oral care regimen to help remove food particles and bad bacteria from your mouth without affecting the good.

Is oil pulling safe on veneers?

Oil pulling is generally safe to do as long as your veneers are in good condition. That said, we always recommend speaking to your dentist or oral care professional if you have any concerns. 

Is oil pulling safe on composite fillings? 

Oil pulling is generally safe to do as long as your filings are in good condition. That said, we always recommend speaking to your dentist or oral care professional if you have any concerns.

Can you oil pull if you are pregnant?  

Coconut + Mint Pulling Oil is all-natural and is not meant to be swallowed–just swished, so should not have any side effects. That said, if you are pregnant, we recommend consulting your doctor before making any changes to your health regimen.  

Is it safe to oil pull in the morning and at night? 

The ancient Indian holistic wellness system of Ayurveda recommends oil pulling in the morning as a part of the daily cleansing routine called dincharya. This is because the mouth tends to accumulate toxins and bacteria overnight, and oil pulling can help remove these toxins and promote oral hygiene. 

That being said, there is no harm in doing oil pulling at other times of the day if it is more convenient for you. Some people find it beneficial to do it before meals or before bed as well as in the morning. Ultimately, it's up to personal preference and convenience. A recent double-blind study has confirmed that oil pulling with Coconut + Mint Pulling Oil keeps breath fresher.  

The most important thing is to oil pull daily. Oil pulling should be a part of your overall health routine, just as eating healthy food, brushing, flossing, tongue scraping, exercising, and sleeping well is.  

How does Dual Chamber Mouthwash work? 

True to its name, Dual Chamber Mouthwash is housed in two separate chambers within the same bottle. One chamber contains highly diluted hydrogen peroxide. The other contains baking soda and essential oils. When the bottle is poured, these components cause an active burst of a ph-positive solution that we at GuruNanda call Oxyburst.  

The synergistic effects of Oxyburst oxidize the stains and help gently remove them without sensitivity. Unlike many mouthwashes on the market, Dual Chamber Mouthwash is not harsh and contains no synthetic flavors, colors, or chemicals. The additional oxygen release may also help get rid of anaerobic bacteria.  

Does Dual Chamber Mouthwash cause dry mouth? 

Instances of this are very rare. If you experience this, continue usage immediately and try a product like GuruNanda Coconut + Mint Pulling Oil that does not contain hydrogen peroxide.

Does Dual Chamber Mouthwash contain citric acid? 

Yes, but context matters here. Citric acid is a natural preservative, and what keeps the mouthwash from developing harmful bacteria on the shelf. If we did not use citric acid, we would be forced to use a synthetic preservative that kills the good oral bacteria in your mouth, as well as leading to dry mouth, sores, and even teeth staining.  

Citric acid is present in much higher quantities in some foods than it is in our mouthwash. 

Is Dual Chamber Mouthwash safe to use while breastfeeding? 

We always recommend that you consult your doctor about anything you put in your mouth and on your body while breastfeeding. Dual Chamber Mouthwash is not meant to be ingested, just swished and spit out. It should not have negative effects–but please consult your doctor. 

How do I use Concentrated Mouthwash? 

GuruNanda Concentrated Mouthwash contains 100% pure and natural essential oils like oregano, clove, and tree essential oils that support a healthier, more balanced oral microbiome. To use on its own, add 4 drops to a cup of water, swish around your mouth, and spit out. 

Another way to use Concentrated Mouthwash is to add 4 drops to the water in the GuruNanda Water Flosser and use it between your teeth for deeper cleaning.   

Because of its concentrated formula, each bottle of this mouthwash lasts about 300 uses.  

Can you use Concentrated Mouthwash for whitening? 

In addition to being eco-friendly and budget-friendly, with almost 300 uses per bottle, GuruNanda Concentrated Mouthwashcontains 100% pure and natural essential oils like oregano, clove, and tree essential oils that support a healthier, more balanced oral microbiome. If you add hydrogen peroxide to this formulation, you can get these benefits while whitening your smile. 

Why was Butter on Gums Toothbrush designed? 

The Butter on Gums Toothbrush is 10x softer than conventional toothbrushes due to having 10x more bristles. It takes its name from the fact that it does feel like butter on your gums, being both gentle and deep-cleaning. It was specifically designed for people who have gum recession or inflamed gums–including people currently undergoing chemotherapy or who have had gum surgery.  

In recent years, there has been a surge in gum recession. Dentists and hygienists explained that people, overwhelmed with stress, had unknowingly started brushing their teeth more vigorously, resulting in the erosion of their gum lines. The situation worsened due to the lack of dental visits for over two years, affecting over 75% of Americans. 

Furthermore, periodontists shared their concerns about the lack of suitable toothbrushes for post-implant surgery care. These conversations led us to develop a product that would address these issues—a toothbrush that would be incredibly gentle on the gums while remaining highly effective. 

After collaborating with dentists and conducting thorough research, we came across the solution—Softex bristles. By making the bristles ten times softer and ten times more abundant, we could ensure the brush's softness without compromising its effectiveness. This toothbrush has been approved and celebrated by both patients and gum surgeons who recognize its ability to prevent gum recession and help sensitive gums. 

Why do tongue scraping? 

Ayurveda, the ancient Indian system of holistic wellness, considers the tongue to be an indicator of overall health and a key organ of digestion. Tongue scraping helps remove toxins and bacteria that accumulate on the tongue, which can improve digestion and prevent the reabsorption of toxins into the body. There are several benefits to tongue scraping:  

Improving taste: Ayurveda also suggests that tongue scraping can improve the sense of taste by removing the coating on the tongue that can dull taste buds. 

Promoting oral hygiene: Tongue scraping can also help prevent bad breath and promote overall oral hygiene by removing bacteria that can cause plaque and cavities. 

Plaque removal: Tongue scraping can help remove plaque from the tongue and prevent the re-deposition of bacteria and debris on teeth, which can improve oral hygiene and reduce the risk of plaque buildup. It may also keep cough, cold, and tonsil stones prone situations at bay. 

From a scientific perspective, there is evidence to support these benefits of tongue scraping. Research has shown that tongue scraping can help reduce levels of bacteria and volatile sulfur compounds in the mouth, which are responsible for bad breath. In addition, tongue scraping may improve taste perception and promote oral hygiene. 

In addition, there is some anecdotal evidence that suggests tongue scraping may help with lymphatic drainage. The lymphatic system is a complex network of vessels and tissues that help remove waste and toxins from the body. While the tongue is not directly connected to the lymphatic system, ayurveda proponents of tongue scraping believe that it can help stimulate lymphatic flow by increasing circulation in the mouth and throat. 

However, it is important to note that tongue scraping should not be used as a substitute for other oral hygiene practices such as brushing and flossing, and individuals should consult with their healthcare provider before incorporating any new practices into their daily routine. 

How to do tongue scraping? 

To perform tongue scraping, stick out your tongue and place the scraper on your tongue towards the back of your mouth (though not so far that you gag). Gently move the scraper forward over your tongue 4-5 times. This process helps remove the coating from the tongue, and any coughing that may occur during scraping helps clear harmful bacteria from the back of the throat. 

After tongue scraping, we recommend oil pulling with Coconut + Mint Pulling Oil, then brushing.  

Can plaque build up on my tongue?  

If you have a white coating on your tongue, it may well be that plaque has built up there. The tongue has a rough texture with tiny bumps called papillae, and these can harbor bacteria, food particles, dead cells, and other debris. This buildup on the tongue's surface is commonly referred to as tongue plaque or biofilm. 

The accumulation of plaque on the tongue can contribute to various oral health issues, including bad breath (halitosis), a coated or discolored tongue, and an increased risk of developing dental problems. Bacteria present in tongue plaque can release sulfur compounds, contributing to unpleasant breath odor. 

Don’t replace regular brushing and flossing with tongue scraping. It’s an added regimen.  

Regularly cleaning your tongue by using a GuruNanda Tongue Scraper can help remove this plaque. You can also get the bonuses of better breath and enjoying the taste of your food more.   

How can I whiten my teeth without pain? 

GuruNanda offers several products that help with whitening:  

GuruNanda Whitening Strips - These strips are some of the most affordable and gentle on the market. 

Dual Chamber Mouthwash - This mouthwash helps maintain white teeth without sensitivity as the baking soda in one chamber neutralizes the acidic hydrogen peroxide.   

Coconut + Mint Pulling Oil - An alternative to Dual Chamber Mouthwash, this oil naturally whitens teeth while helping remove harmful bacteria. The clove essential oil in this formulation also helps reduce tooth sensitivity.

Where are GuruNanda Whitening Strips made?  

The strips are formulated in Los Angeles and manufactured and packaged in China in a CGMP-certified plant. Each product we make is listed with its country of origin printed on the packaging. If no country of origin is certified, it’s made in the USA.

Why use a water flosser? 

Water flossers have many benefits. By sending a small, powerful stream of water between your teeth, they can help remove extra food and plaque buildup that regular floss cannot. They can also help strengthen and tighten your gums, especially if you suffer from gum inflammation and bleeding. We recommend using the GuruNanda Water Flosser for 1-2 minutes a day. 

Why use warm water instead of cold water in a Water Flosser? 

We recommend using warm water in the GuruNanda Water Flosser for the following reasons:  

Enhanced Comfort: Warm water can provide a more comfortable experience during water flossing. The warmth helps to relax and soothe the gums, making the process less irritating and more enjoyable. 

Improved Blood Circulation: The warmth of the water can help promote blood circulation in the gums, which can be beneficial for gum health. Better blood flow can aid in reducing inflammation, promoting healing, and maintaining healthy gums. 

Increased Efficiency in Removing Plaque and Debris: Warm water can help to soften and loosen plaque and food debris more effectively. The heat can enhance the effectiveness of the water flosser's pulsating action, enabling it to dislodge and remove particles more efficiently. 

Relieves Sensitivity: Some individuals may experience tooth sensitivity, particularly to cold water. Using warm water in a water flosser can alleviate this discomfort and allow those with sensitivity issues to benefit from water flossing without any added sensitivity. 

Why is the Sonic Toothbrush better than a manual toothbrush?  

The GuruNanda Sonic Toothbrush produces 31000-50000 vibrations per minute. Due to this, it creates tiny bubbles that move through the water, penetrating deep between the teeth and along the gumline. This allows for more effective cleaning and removal of plaque than a manual toothbrush. Used post-oil pulling, a Sonic Toothbrush can literally help remove plaque and tartar long term.  

GuruNanda Sonic Toothbrushes are also designed to be easy to use, featuring built-in timers and multiple brushing modes. This makes it easier to maintain proper brushing habits and ensure a thorough cleaning. However, it's still important to use proper brushing techniques and to brush for the recommended amount of time to ensure that you're effectively removing biofilms and maintaining good oral hygiene. 

Is the GuruNanda Sonic Toothbrush good for gum health?  

GuruNanda Sonic Toothbrushes are gentle on the gums, which makes them a good choice for people who have sensitive gums or are prone to gum recession. The high-speed vibrations can also help to stimulate blood flow in the gums, which can promote gum health and prevent gingivitis.

What does the GuruNanda Sonic Toothbrush come with?  

GuruNanda Sonic Toothbrushes have a 2000 MHZ battery which means long usage before needing to recharge. The brush comes with an easy-charge station, a travel case, and 3 brush heads. 

Why choose the Gary the Giraffe Flosser? 

Maintaining good oral hygiene is essential, especially for children who are more prone to tooth decay and gum disease. Flossing is a crucial part of oral hygiene, as it helps remove food particles and plaque that can accumulate between teeth and along the gum line. But for kids, traditional flossing can be challenging due to poor manual dexterity or coordination. That's where the Gary the Giraffe Flosser comes in. 

Gary the Giraffe Flossers are designed specifically for kids, making flossing a fun and easy experience. They're made with recycled plastic, making them an eco-friendly option that parents can feel good about. But most importantly, Gary the Giraffe Flossers are effective in removing food particles and plaque, which can help prevent tooth decay and gum disease. 

One of the standout features of Gary the Giraffe Flossers is the extra-long handle. This feature is especially helpful for kids who are just learning how to floss, as it allows parents to hold the flosser while they teach their child how to properly use it. The handle is also helpful for kids with smaller hands or those who may have difficulty reaching certain areas of their mouth. 

When it comes to choosing a flosser for kids, effectiveness is the most important factor. That's why Gurunanda has designed Gary the Giraffe Flossers to be effective at removing plaque and food particles. Plus, they're easy to use, making it more likely that kids will develop healthy oral hygiene habits. 

It's important to note that even with a great flosser like Gary the Giraffe, proper use is crucial. Parents should make sure their child is using the flosser correctly and regularly as part of their oral hygiene routine. With the right tools and habits, kids can develop good oral hygiene practices that will benefit them for a lifetime. 

What are Gary the Giraffe Flossers made of?  

These flossers are made with majority-biodegradable plastic. 


Can you take multiple GuruNanda supplements together? 

Yes. Ensure you are sticking to recommended dosages. 

Which supplements are best for detoxification? 

Fulvic acid, present in GuruNanda Paracleanse, is believed to support detoxification, boost immune function, improve nutrient absorption in the body, and promote overall well-being. 

GuruNanda Digestiva Triphala has diuretic and cleansing properties.  

What is black seed? 

Black Seed is a traditional herb that has been in use for thousands of years by people living in the Middle East and some parts of Asia and Africa to promote health and general well-being. It is also known as the “Blessed Seed.” It is grown in various countries and therefore known by many names, such as black cumin (Egypt), black caraway (Turkey), kalonji (India/Pakistan), habbatul barakah, or the blessed seed (Middle East), among others. Ever since its introduction to the United States in the late 1980s, it has been commonly referred to as 'black seed' or 'black Cumin' and is often used as a spice in traditional Indian, Pakistani, Middle Eastern, and Persian cuisines. GuruNanda Black Seed Oil is fortified with vitamins D3, K2, and E to honor this rich tradition of wellness and infuse it with extra benefits.  

What are the essential properties of black seed oil?  

Black seed herb contains over 100 components, many of which remain to be discovered. It is a rich source of unsaturated fatty acids and contains about 35% oil, 21% protein, and 38% carbohydrates. More than 50% of the oil is essential fatty acids. Its linoleic acid and gamma-linolenic acid content help form Prostaglandin E1, which helps the body inhibit infections, balances the immune system, and regulates allergic reactions. Gamma-linolenic acid also helps stabilize the cell membrane. Black seed also contains about .5-1.5% volatile oils including Nigellone and Thymoquinone which have been researched for anti-histamine, anti-oxidant, anti-infective, and broncho-dialating effects. In addition, GuruNanda Black Seed Oil is fortified with vitamins D3, K2, and E. 

How does black seed oil support wellness?  

Traditionally, black seed has been used for a variety of conditions and treatments related to respiratory health, stomach and intestinal complaints, kidney & liver support, circulatory and immune system support, and to improve general health. Black seed oil has been used topically for different skin conditions, dryness, and joint and scalp massage. It has no known side effects and has a long history of use for several thousand years–but if you have any concerns about usage, please consult your doctor. GuruNanda Black Seed Oil is fortified with vitamins D3, K2, and E for additional benefits.  

Here are more benefits of black seed oil:  

Anti-inflammatory properties: Black seed oil contains thymoquinone, which has shown anti-inflammatory effects in several studies. It may help reduce inflammation in the body and alleviate symptoms of conditions such as arthritis, asthma, and allergies. 

Antioxidant effects: Black seed oil is a rich source of antioxidants, including thymoquinone and other compounds like nigellone and carotenoids. These antioxidants help combat free radicals, which are harmful molecules that can contribute to various chronic diseases and cellular damage. 

Immune system support: The active compounds in black seed oil have been found to possess immunomodulatory properties, meaning they can help regulate the immune system. This can potentially enhance immune function and support the body's defense against infections and diseases. 

Potential anti-cancer properties: Some research suggests that black seed oil may have anti-cancer properties. Studies conducted in cell cultures and animals have shown that its components could inhibit the growth of cancer cells, reduce tumor formation, and induce cell death. However, more research is needed to fully understand its effects in humans. 

Skin and hair health benefits: Black seed oil has been used for its skin-nourishing properties. It may help soothe skin conditions like eczema, psoriasis, and acne due to its anti-inflammatory and antioxidant effects. Additionally, its moisturizing properties can promote healthier skin and reduce dryness. 

What scientific research has there been on black seed oil? 

Since 1959, there have been over 500 peer-reviewed studies at international universities and articles published in various journals showing remarkable results supporting some of its traditional uses.

What are some of the other benefits of black seed oil? 

GuruNanda Black Seed Oil may support metabolism and improve digestion. In addition, there have been studies published that show Black seed may have a healthy effect on blood sugar levels.

Can I take black seed oil while breastfeeding?  

No. During breastfeeding, substances you consume can pass into breast milk and potentially affect your baby. Some herbal supplements or cleanses may contain ingredients that are not recommended while breastfeeding due to a lack of safety data for infants. Additionally, certain cleansing processes may release toxins or byproducts into your system, which could potentially impact breast milk.

Can you take black seed oil while taking medicine for blood thinning?

Black seed oil does have mild antiplatelet activity, which could potentially influence blood clotting. This means it might theoretically enhance the effects of blood-thinning medications, potentially increasing the risk of bleeding in people who are already taking these medications. But vitamin K2 helps blood clotting so it counters the effect of black seed oil for thinning in theory. That said, the safest course of action is to refer to your doctor. 

Can GuruNanda Black Seed Oil be used topically for wellness benefits?  

Yes. Test a small area of the skin first before applying more widely. 

Why is there sunflower oil in black seed oil?  

We add fresh vitamin E derived from sunflowers to GuruNanda Black Seed Oil for its many antioxidant, organ health, and skin and hair health benefits. The actual sunflower content of this vitamin E is 0.1%.

Does GuruNanda Black Seed Oil give you energy?  

The effects of black seed oil on vitality and overall energy are not well-studied, and the available evidence is limited. However, some potential mechanisms have been suggested that could contribute to its impact on energy levels: 

Antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties: black seed oil contains compounds with antioxidant and anti-inflammatory effects, such as thymoquinone. These properties may help reduce oxidative stress and inflammation in the body, which can contribute to fatigue and low energy levels. 

Immune system support: black seed oil has been shown to have immunomodulatory effects, meaning it can help regulate the immune system. By supporting immune function, it may help the body fight off infections and maintain overall health, which can indirectly impact energy levels. 

Nutrient content: black seed oil Oil contains various nutrients, including essential fatty acids, vitamins, and minerals, which are important for overall health and energy production in the body. These nutrients play a role in metabolism and the conversion of food into energy.  

It's important to note that the majority of evidence supporting these mechanisms comes from cell and animal studies, and more research is needed to establish their effects on human energy levels. Additionally, individual responses to black seed oil may vary, and its impact on energy could be influenced by various factors, including overall health status, diet, and lifestyle. 

Can black seed oil be taken on an empty stomach?  

Yes. But if you experience side effects, take it with food or consult your doctor. 

Does black seed oil have omega fatty acids?  

Black seed oil typically contains a moderate amount of omega-6 fatty acids and a negligible amount of omega-3 fatty acids. The predominant omega-6 fatty acid found in black seed oil is linoleic acid (LA). The exact content of omega-6 in black seed oil can vary, but it is generally around 50-60% of the total fatty acids. 

On the other hand, omega-9 fatty acids, particularly oleic acid, are more abundant in black seed oil. Oleic acid is a monounsaturated fatty acid that is also found in high amounts in olive oil. The percentage of omega-9 fatty acids in black seed oil can range from 15-25% of the total fatty acids. 

It's important to note that black seed oil is not typically considered a primary source of omega-3 fatty acids. If you are looking to increase your omega-3 intake, it is recommended to focus on other sources such as fatty fish (salmon, mackerel, sardines), flaxseeds, chia seeds, or walnuts. 

Will the black seed oil lose potency if added to a smoothie? 

No. In fact, drinking black seed oil with other vitamins and nutrients is a great idea. 

Can a kidney transplant patient take the black seed oil? 

No. Kidney transplant patients are typically on a variety of medications to prevent organ rejection and manage other health conditions. Black seed oil, like other supplements, could potentially interact with these medications or have side effects.

Can you take black seed oil with berberine? 

Yes. Berberine is an appetite suppressant and can be a great addition to black seed oil. 

Why hydrate while taking GuruNanda Black Seed Oil?  

Black seed oil is a natural diuretic, so it’s important to be adequately hydrated to counter this.  

Can GuruNanda Black Seed Oil reduce eye bags?  

Black seed oil is a carrier oil itself so should not be unsafe to use on your face. Before applying to your face, however, test a small amount of the black seed oil on another place on your body, such as your arm. If you don’t have any adverse reactions, gently massage a small amount of the oil onto the under-eye area using your ring finger. The ring finger is the weakest and applies the least pressure, which is important for the delicate skin around the eyes. 

Leave it overnight: Allow the oil to absorb into the skin overnight. You can also apply it during the day, but be mindful of potential oiliness or greasiness.  

What are the beauty benefits of GuruNanda Black Seed Oil?  

It’s said that Cleopatra used black seed oil on her face for her ageless beauty. This is because black seed oil contains several beneficial compounds, such as antioxidants and fatty acids, which can potentially contribute to healthy skin. 

Modern science has confirmed what tradition has long maintained about the therapeutic benefits of the Nigella sativa seeds. Black seed oil contains the powerful antioxidants thymoquinone and thymohydroquinone that work synergistically to eliminate harmful free radicals from skin cells. This effectively and naturally rejuvenates and revitalizes the skin by reducing fine lines and wrinkles and eliminating blemishes and dark spots. Black seed oil also contains natural polyunsaturated and saturated fatty acids (including linoleic, oleic, and palmitic), as well as natural plant sterols, in addition to several other skin-enhancing vitamins and minerals (iron and calcium). These components give black seed oil its antimicrobial, anti-inflammatory, and hydrating properties. 

How do vitamins D3 and K2 help with skin? 

GuruNanda Black Seed Oil is infused with vitamins D3 and K2 as well as vitamin E, all of which have skin benefits. Adequate levels of vitamin D3 may help support skin barrier function and reduce inflammation, potentially benefiting the overall appearance of the skin. And some research suggests that vitamin K2 may promote the elasticity and firmness of the skin, potentially reducing the appearance of wrinkles and promoting a more youthful complexion. Vitamin E is an anti-inflammatory agent that can support inflammatory damage after sun exposure and helps soften dry skin. 

How to make your bones and body stronger with black seed oil? 

First, combine 2 tsp of Coconut + Mint Pulling Oil and 1 dropper of GuruNanda Black Seed Oil. Add two drops of lavender essential oil for its calming scent and aromatherapy benefits. Massage this mixture into your body and let it sit for 15 minutes. Then rinse off with water and towel dry. You can then bathe normally. If you are a larger-bodied person, feel free to use more oil in this same ratio.  

This can help you build stronger bones. If you are a woman over the age of 45, it’s especially important to track your bone health, as menopause can lead to osteopenia.  

Can GuruNanda Black Seed Oil help with anxiety?   

If you are on medication for anxiety or suffer from symptoms, consult with your physician before adding anything else to your regimen.

Can GuruNanda Black Seed Oil help with high blood pressure?  

If you are on medication for high blood pressure, consult with your physician before adding anything else to your regimen. Black seed oil may be able to help lower blood pressure, but this should only be tried with medical supervision. 

Can GuruNanda Black Seed Oil help with gut health issues like acid reflux? 

Black seed oil reduces inflammation in the digestive tract, which can lead to reduced incidences of acid reflux.

Can you take GuruNanda Black Seed Oil while on antibiotics?  

You should be able to, but consult your doctor first.  

Why does GuruNanda Black Seed Oil give me headaches?  

You may have an allergy, so consult your doctor before continuing to take this. That said, black seed oil can also be a natural anti-parasitic. If you’re getting headaches and are not allergic, it could be a sign of parasitic die-off. In this case, you might want to try GuruNanda Paracleanse. 

Also, make sure you are hydrating with ample water while consuming this product.  

How does GuruNanda Black Seed Oil promote weight loss?  

Our black seed oil promotes weight loss in the following ways:  

Appetite Suppression: It may help control hunger and cravings, reducing overall calorie intake. 

Metabolism Boost: Some studies suggest that black seed oil can increase metabolism, helping the body burn calories more efficiently. 

Blood Sugar Regulation: It may help regulate blood sugar levels, which can reduce cravings for sugary foods. 

Anti-Inflammatory: The anti-inflammatory properties may help reduce inflammation in the body, which is often linked to obesity. 

Lipid Regulation: It may help regulate cholesterol and triglyceride levels, which can be beneficial for weight management. 

Digestive Health: Improved digestion can help with weight loss by optimizing nutrient absorption and reducing bloating.

Can GuruNanda Black Seed Oil be used topically? 

Yes. Many people do this for its beauty benefits. 

Can children take black seed oil? 

We do not recommend children take any supplements. Consult your doctor if you have questions. 

Why do I need vitamin D3?   

D3 is sometimes known as “the sunshine vitamin,” because it is naturally produced by sunlight. If you are like many Americans, you spend most of your day indoors and do not get its many benefits. For this reason, GuruNanda products like Coconut + Mint Pulling Oil and GuruNanda Black Seed Oil are fortified by both D3 and K2, as well as vitamin E.  

Vitamin D promotes intestinal calcium and phosphorus absorption and reduces urinary calcium loss, essential mechanisms for maintaining proper calcium levels in the body and for healthy bone composition. Vitamin D supports cardiovascular function in some individuals, which may be attributed to its effect on calcium metabolism or possibly by helping to maintain healthy plasma renin function. A role for vitamin D in supporting colon health by promoting healthy cellular function has also been suggested. Furthermore, vitamin D is believed to provide general cellular support potential, including for the breast and prostate, in part by helping to maintain healthy angiogenesis balance, supporting immune cell activity, and maintaining healthy cell metabolism and muscle function. Vitamin D receptors are found on many immune cells, including lymphocytes and macrophages, supporting healthy immune cell activation. 

More specifically, vitamin D3 supports healthy immunity, a healthy musculoskeletal system, and supports a more positive mood. Ongoing research studies suggest vitamin D3 might help protect against certain types of cancer, cardiovascular disease, diabetes, and multiple sclerosis, although more research is needed in these areas. 

Why do I need both vitamin D3 and K2?  

Vitamins D3 and K2 work better together. Vitamin D3 helps maintain strong bones by helping you metabolize calcium and support a healthy immune system. Vitamin K2 helps ensure that calcium gets deposited in your bones where it'sneeded, and protects arteries from calcification. Vitamin K2 is like the car that delivers vitamin D3 where it needs to go. 

Why take GuruNanda Vitamin D?  

GuruNanda’s all-natural Vitamin D supplement gives you bioactive D3 — the same active form of Vitamin D that is naturally produced in the body from sunlight — so that you can get your daily dose of sunshine without the dangers of UVB exposure. That said, we do recommend spending some time in the sun every day–with sunscreen on, of course.

What are the symptoms of vitamin D deficiency?  

Bone pain and brittleness, muscle weakness, and tiredness can all indicate a deficiency in vitamin D. People who may be at higher risk for deficiency include those who spend a lot of time indoors, have darker skin pigmentation, are elderly, or are overweight.

Why do I need Vitamin E?  

Vitamin E has several important benefits:  

Antioxidant properties - Vitamin E helps protect the cells from oxidative stress.  

Immune support - Vitamin E bolsters the immune system. 

Healthy skin - Vitamin E helps support skin wellness. 

Red blood cell support - Vitamin E increases red blood cell count. 

Kidney function - Vitamin E helps improve kidney function. 

Healthy eyes - Vitamin E helps maintain eye health. 

What are the symptoms of Vitamin E deficiency?  

Vitamin E deficiency can cause nerve and muscle damage that results in loss of feeling in arms and legs, loss of body movement control, muscle weakness, and vision problems. A weakened immune system can be another sign of deficiency. 

Why do a parasite cleanse?  

The GuruNanda Paracleanse is a two-step process that contains a blend of wormwood, clove with neem extract, and fulvic acid. Natural health practitioners suggest this blend has many benefits:  

Antiparasitic properties: Wormwood, clove, neem, sunflower, fennel, pumpkin seeds, and vitamin E are believed to possess antiparasitic properties. These natural compounds may help inhibit the growth and activity of parasites, potentially supporting their elimination from the body. 

Digestive health support: Parasites can disrupt the normal functioning of the digestive system, leading to symptoms such as diarrhea, abdominal pain, and bloating. The ingredients used in a parasite cleanse are thought to have antimicrobial and anti-inflammatory properties, which may help alleviate digestive discomfort and promote a healthier gut environment. 

Immune system modulation: Parasites can affect the immune system by triggering an immune response or impairing its function. Some of the ingredients in a parasite cleanse, such as neem and oregano, are believed to have immunomodulatory effects, potentially supporting immune function and aiding the body's defense against parasites. Fulvic acid can help with this as well.  

Antioxidant and anti-inflammatory effects: Clove and neem are known to contain antioxidants and anti-inflammatory compounds. These properties may help reduce inflammation and oxidative stress associated with parasitic infections, promoting overall health and well-being. 

Reduced inflammation: Fulvic acid can help support reduced inflammation, which a parasitic infection can cause.  

How to do a parasite cleanse?  

During a parasite cleanse, the goal is to eliminate parasites from the body and support the body's natural detoxification processes. Parasites can release toxins into the body as part of their life cycle, and binders are often used to help remove these toxins and reduce their impact on overall health. 

If you’ve never done a parasite cleanse before, do not take GuruNanda ParaCleanse on an empty stomach.  

The ParaCleanse is a 2-step liquid cleanse to help optimize colon health, facilitate detoxification and support improved digestive wellness and overall well-being.  

Step 1: Wormwood and Clove blend. This blend comprises a powerful combination of wormwood, clove, neem, sunflower, fennel, pumpkin seeds, and vitamin E. Together, these ingredients synergistically work to help aid in waste removal and aid in reducing bloating and gas. Dilute 1 ml of this blend into 8-12 of water, then shake well before drinking. We recommend drinking this first thing in the morning after food. Then wait at least 30 minutes.  

Step 2: Dilute 1 ml of this blend into 8-12 of water, then shake well before drinking. You can drink this all at once or gradually throughout the day.  

How does GuruNanda ParaCleanse work?  

Our parasite cleanse uses all-natural ingredients that you eat in your daily life like clove, oregano, etc. But when they are super concentrated and blended together, they can become potent paradise-ridders, binding to the parasites and then removing them. In the context of a parasite cleanse, a binder refers to a substance that is used to help remove toxins and waste products from the body. Binders have the ability tobind to harmful substances such as heavy metals, chemicals, and toxins, and facilitate their elimination through the digestive system. Fulvic acid is then taken to help remineralize the gut. 

Do you have to take the GuruNanda ParaCleanse steps 30 min apart? 

Yes. You can also take GuruNanda Black Seed Oil with step 1. 

Should I take GuruNanda ParaCleanse before or after food?  

After. Before food is too harsh for many people. 

What's the difference between GuruNanda ParaCleanse and a colonic? 

A colonic irrigates the colon, breaking down old stool. It does not necessarily kill parasites.  

Can GuruNanda ParaCleanse help with dandruff?  

If you have dandruff due to fungal infection, Paracleanse may be able to help. Take a 1 ml dropper (20 drops) off Paracleanse, add 4 drops of tea tree oil, mix with coconut, almond, or castor oil, and spread over your scalp for a natural yet potent treatment. 

Can GuruNanda ParaCleanse help with H. pylori infection and candida? 

It can support the treatment of these infections, but consult your doctor. Paracleanse is a supplement and not approved by the FDA for the treatment of disease. 

What is fulvic acid and how does it work? 

Fulvic acid is a natural compound that is found in soil, rocks, and organic matter. It is formed through the decomposition of plant and microbial matter over thousands of years. In the context of a parasite cleanse, fulvic acid is sometimes included as a supplement to support detoxification and overall health. 

Fulvic acid is believed to contribute to a parasite cleanse in the following ways: 

Detoxification support: Fulvic acid has been suggested to have detoxifying properties. It may help to bind and remove heavy metals, toxins, and other harmful substances from the body, potentially including those released by parasites during their life cycle. 

Immune system modulation: Fulvic acid is thought to have immunomodulatory effects, meaning it can help regulate the immune system. By supporting a balanced immune response, it may aid in the body's ability to fight off and eliminate parasites. 

Nutrient absorption: Fulvic acid has been shown to enhance the bioavailability and absorption of nutrients in the body. By improving nutrient uptake, it may support overall health and the body's ability to combat parasites. 

Gut health support: Fulvic acid is believed to have beneficial effects on gut health, including promoting a healthy gut microbiota. Since a balanced gut microbiome is crucial for a strong immune system and overall well-being, it may indirectly contribute to a parasite cleanse. 

Enhanced Cellular Function: Fulvic acid is known to support cellular health and function. It can aid in improving energy production within cells, promoting mitochondrial function, and facilitating the transport of nutrients and electrolytes across cell membranes. These actions contribute to increased cellular vitality, improved metabolism, and enhanced overall well-being. 

Can I do a ParaCleanse while breastfeeding? 

No. During breastfeeding, substances you consume can pass into breast milk and potentially affect your baby. Some herbal supplements or cleanses may contain ingredients that are not recommended while breastfeeding due to a lack of safety data. Additionally, certain cleansing processes may release toxins or byproducts into your system, which could potentially impact breast milk.

Will GuruNanda ParaCleanse kill the eggs of parasite larvae?  

Neem extract, an ingredient in GuruNanda ParaCleanse, has demonstrated efficacy against a wide range of microorganisms, including bacteria like Staphylococcus aureus and Escherichia coli, fungi like Candida albicans, and viruses like herpes simplex virus. However, if you are concerned about a recurring parasitic infection, consult your doctor. 

Will I see anything harmful in my stool when I do GuruNanda ParaCleanse?  

Though the majority of harmful organisms are microscopic, it is possible to see larger harmful organisms eliminated in your bowel movements. If you have concerns, consult your doctor. 

How many times will I go to the bathroom when I do GuruNanda ParaCleanse?  

This will vary from person to person, and also depends on many other dietary and lifestyle factors. The ParaCleanse regimen may increase the frequency of your bowel movements, especially when taken alongside a colon cleanse which is recommended for optimal benefit. This is a good sign that the body is eliminating effectively and should not be cause for concern.

Can I do things normally in my daily life while using GuruNanda ParaCleanse?  

Absolutely. This formula was designed to be effective but gentle, allowing you to still do all of the things you need to do each day.

Should I change my diet while doing GuruNanda ParaCleanse?  

Generally, it's recommended to consume a variety of fruits, vegetables, whole grains, lean proteins, and healthy fats. We recommend this diet during the cleanse as well as all the time. 

Should I do GuruNanda ParaCleanse during the full moon?  

The idea that a full moon is related to parasite cleansing is largely rooted in folklore and traditional beliefs rather than scientific evidence.

Does GuruNanda ParaCleanse work as a topical tooth pain medication?  

ParaCleanse contains clove essential oil, which can be a natural anesthetic on top of being antimicrobial and antifungal. However, if you have persistent tooth pain, consult your dentist. 

Does GuruNanda ParaCleanse help with allergies?  

It may. Try taking 2 drops of ParaCleanse with raw, unfiltered honey 2-3 times a day after meals.

Should you avoid coffee during GuruNanda ParaCleanse? 

Coffee should not interact with ParaCleanse.

Should you avoid pre-workout supplements during GuruNanda ParaCleanse? 

The content of pre-workout supplements vary. Consult your doctor. 

How does Digestiva Triphala work? 

GuruNanda Digestiva Triphala is a formulation of vegan pills made of Triphala, a blend of three herbs native to India and highly regarded in Ayurvedic medicine. 

The main usage of Triphala is as a digestive tonic and gentle laxative. It supports healthy digestion, regulates bowel movements, and helps maintain regularity. Triphala is believed to cleanse the gastrointestinal tract, remove toxins, and promote the absorption of nutrients from the food we eat. 

In addition to its digestive benefits, Triphala is also known for its antioxidant properties. It helps to neutralize harmful free radicals in the body and supports overall cellular health. Triphala is often used as a rejuvenating and detoxifying herbal supplement. 

Other potential uses of Triphala include supporting respiratory health, promoting healthy skin, and aiding in weight management. It is also used in Ayurvedic practices to balance the three doshas (Vata, Pitta, and Kapha) and maintain overall well-being. 

It is important to note that while Triphala is generally considered safe, it is advisable to consult with a healthcare professional or an Ayurvedic practitioner before starting any new herbal supplement to determine the appropriate dosage and ensure it is suitable for your individual needs. 

How often to take GuruNanda Digestiva Triphala? 

Take it 4x a day for 7 days. Then taper down to 2x a day for 21 days. After the 21 days have passed, take a 7-day break and then take it 2x a day for another 21 days, followed by another 7-day break, and so on. 

How soon can I eat after taking GuruNanda Digestiva Triphala? 

10-15 minutes later. 

Can children take GuruNanda Digestiva Triphala? 

Do not give children any supplements without consulting a physician.

Can pregnant women take GuruNanda Digestiva Triphala? 

This product is generally safe, but consult your physician before taking. 

Is it safe to take GuruNanda Digestiva Triphala if you have gastritis?  

It should be beneficial, but consult your physician. 

Is it safe to take GuruNanda Digestiva Triphala if you have a nut allergy?  

Nut allergies are very serious. Because this product is made in a facility that uses nuts, err on the side of caution and don’t use it if you are allergic. 

Does GuruNanda Digestiva Triphala have interactions with blood thinners?  

It shouldn’t, but consult your physician. 

Can you take supplements like Benefiber with GuruNanda Digestiva Triphala? 

Yes, but consult your physician if you have any issues.

Why take Golden Immunity? 

GuruNanda Golden Immunity is a prebiotic curcumin and inulin mix that has many wellness benefits.  

Enhanced absorption and gut health - While curcumin has many wellness benefits, it is difficult for the body to properly absorb on its own. Inulin may help “carry” the curcumin to the probiotic bacteria so it can be better absorbed, thereby supporting improved gut health. 

Digestive Health - Inulin supports digestive health by promoting regular bowel movements and improving gut motility. This may complement the digestive benefits of curcumin. 

Anti-inflammatory and antioxidant effects - Both curcumin and inulin have antioxidant properties, but even more so when they are combined. 

Blood sugar regulation - Inulin may help regulate blood sugar levels, while curcumin may help support healthy glucose metabolism. Blood sugar regulation can help prevent serious health problems like heart disease, loss of vision, and kidney disease.  

What temperature water should I drink GuruNanda Golden Immunity with?  

Any temperature water is fine. Whatever is most appealing to you! 

Can I drink GuruNanda Golden Immunity if I’m pregnant? 

In theory yes, but consult your doctor.

Essential Oils

Can I ingest essential oils?  

Never ingest essential oils. One drop of peppermint essential oil is equivalent to 28 cups of peppermint tea, without any water to dilute it. Would you drink 28 cups of tea at the same time? Of course not. Consuming essential oils can cause damage to your digestive system and internal organs. Don’t do it. 

Can I use essential oils on my skin?  

We always suggest speaking with a healthcare professional before using anything new on your skin. Additionally, if you know or suspect you might be allergic to a plant, do not apply it. It’s important that any essential oils you diffuse or apply to the skin are GC-S tested for quality, as all of GuruNanda’s are.  

If you have taken these steps, you can apply 3-5 drops of an essential oil to one teaspoon of a carrier oil such as coconut (assuming you tolerate coconut well) or try our peppermint and lavender essential oil roll-ons. This will help you receive the benefits of the essential oil without overloading your system. Always test a small area of skin first before applying to a wider area.  

Can I use essential oils as a natural deodorant?  

Just like undiluted or impure essential oils should never be used on the skin, the same goes for deodorant. Our peppermint and lavender essential oil roll-ons are designed to be applied topically and can be used for deodorant as well. 

Can essential oils help with dandruff?  

Essential oils for dandruff  

A combination of tea tree, oregano, clove, and neem essential oils in a coconut base is very powerful due to its synergistic effects and is known to be one of the best antifungal combinations. In some cases, it can be more powerful than prescription medications and should not have side effects unless you are allergic to one of these plants. 

Lavender is also a natural anti-inflammatory and anti-fungal oil and when used with coconut oil as a carrier can help alleviate dandruff as well.  

Why use natural home scenting? 

Scented candles are often made with synthetic scents that contain trace quantities of chemicals including toluene and benzene–commonly used in paint thinner and adhesives. Without proper ventilation, this can irritate the eyes, mouth, nose, and skin and lead to symptoms from headaches to anxiety. Additionally, burning scented candles can lead to carbon monoxide buildup, which is very dangerous.  

There’s also the fact that burning candles is very dangerous. Candles cause an estimated 15,600 fires in residential structures, 150 deaths, 1,270 injuries, and $539 million in estimated direct property damage each year. Over half (55%) of home candle fires start because the candle is too close to some combustible material. 

Natural home scenting is a safer alternative to filling your home with synthetic chemicals. By using a diffuser, you can get the benefits of aromatherapy without the risks of fire.  

Why are chemically-based air fresheners bad?  

Air fresheners that use synthetic chemicals can fill your space with elevated levels of volatile organic compounds (VOCs), such as formaldehyde, acetaldehyde, benzene, toluene, ethyl benzene, and xylenes, in indoor air. Protect your health. Don’t use them. 

Are AromaGuru Oils GC-MS tested?  

Because AromaGuru oils are pre-blended in a carrier oil, GC-MS testing cannot be performed.

Can you use clove oil on an abscess?  

If you are caring for an abscess, please follow your dentist’s instructions and consult them before putting anything else on or around it. That said, clove oil can be a helpful natural remedy for numbing pain, due to its active ingredient Eugenol which contains anesthetic elements. 

Where is the frankincense oil from?  

Frankincense oil is from India. 

What are the beauty benefits of frankincense oil?  

Frankincense oil may have many skin benefits including toning skin, reducing the appearance of blemishes and redness, soothing under-eye bags and darkness, and improving skin tone and elasticity.

Can frankincense oil help with under-eye bags and dark circles?  

Frankincense oil has wonderful cleaning and detoxification properties that are especially beneficial for beauty. It helps with skin healing, lymphatic drainage, and hyperpigmentation, which is why it can help bring down the swelling associated with puffy eyes and help lessen or even eliminate dark circles. When applying pure frankincense oil to your skin, always use a carrier oil like coconut oil and avoid your eyes. 

Can castor oil help with under-eye bags?  

Castor oil, like frankincense oil, is an excellent natural remedy for undereye bags. Its active agents help heal and protect the skin under your eyes, while also stimulating blood circulation. This, combined with its natural anti-inflammatory and antimicrobial properties, helps brighten and depuff the skin under your eyes (as well as reducing rashes). When applying pure castor oil to your skin, always use a carrier oil like coconut oil and avoid your eyes. 

Can castor oil help with hair growth?  

It is thought that castor oil supports hair growth because of its antimicrobial properties as well as its ability to stimulate blood flow, which in turn can stimulate hair follicles. It also containsricinoleic acid, an omega-9 that is thought to be associated with shrinking hair follicles and making hair more dense. Castor oil’s moisturizing properties can also benefit your scalp. When applying pure castor oil to your skin, always use a carrier oil like coconut oil and avoid your eyes.  

Can rosemary oil help with hair growth?  

Due to its anti-inflammatory properties, promotion of nerve growth, and ability to improve circulation, rosemary oil is thought to help with hair growth. It can also be used to prevent premature graying, dandruff, and itchy scalp. When applying pure rosemary oil to your scalp or skin, always use a carrier oil like coconut oil. 

Can babies use GuruNanda Shower Steamers? 

With anything to do with infants, it’s better to be safe and always consult your doctor. We recommend keeping the Shower Steamer away from the baby’s eyes and using at most ¼ of the Steamer.