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Toxic Chemicals in Air Fresheners Lead to Indoor Pollution 

Toxic Chemicals in Air Fresheners Lead to Indoor Pollution 

Toxic Chemicals in Air Fresheners Lead to Indoor Pollution 

Whether you have pets, a hamper full of sweaty gym socks, or a living room that still reeks of last night’s takeout, you understand the importance of a good-smelling environment. A pleasantly-scented home can help you relax and even sleep better.

However, not all home scents are created equal. If you use synthetic chemical plug-in air fresheners, you could be making yourself and your loved ones sick.
Let’s take a look at what’s in artificial home scents, why they’re dangerous, and how you can scent your home naturally instead. 


Synthetic Chemical Air Fresheners Contain Cancer-Causing Formaldehyde

Formaldehyde has two major claims to fame. The first is that it is used to embalm dead bodies. The second is that it most likely causes cancer among the still living. 

Unfortunately, formaldehyde can be found in everything from building materials to household products. For your and your family’s health, we recommend eliminating as many sources of formaldehyde from your living space as possible. 

Which means you should definitely not use home scenting products that contain formaldehyde. There are plenty of ways to make your bedroom smell like forest rain that don’t lead to serious illness.


Synthetic Chemical Air Fresheners Contain Potentially Reproductive Abnormality-Causing Phthalates

According to a study conducted by the Natural Resources Defense Council, phthalates are a major ingredient in many synthetic chemical air fresheners. What are phthalates, you ask? Oh, nothing really--just a huge class of synthetic chemicals linked to everything from obesity in humans to hormonal imbalances and reproductive abnormalities in animals. 

While phthalates as a group are still being studied, we bet you’d prefer to minimize your exposure to these risks. Getting rid of your synthetic chemical home scent is an easy place to start.


Synthetic Chemical Air Fresheners Contain Liver- and Brain-Damaging Naphthalene

Naphthalene: yet another scary-sounding word we can’t pronounce. Once used in mothballs, this synthetic chemical is associated with cataracts, liver damage, and brain damage in children. 

Count us out.


Synthetic Chemical Air Fresheners Contain Smell-Destroying Volatile Organic Compounds

Yes, you read that right: the volatile organic compounds found in many air fresheners can actually destroy your sense of smell and increase your risk of asthma--especially in children.


Don’t take our word for it: the American Lung Association says that volatile organic compounds can damage your eyes, lungs, and throat, as well as potentially cause cancer.

Plus, they have the word “volatile” in the name. No thanks.


Synthetic Chemical Air Fresheners Contain DDT-Ingredient Dichlorobenzene

To be clear, the CDC says Dichlorobenzene may potentially cause cancer. Sure, that’s not conclusive, but is it a risk you want to take? 

Dichlorobenzene is a major ingredient in the pesticide DDT. Enough said.


Synthetic Chemical Air Fresheners Are Not Regulated  

How is any of this legal? We were wondering the same thing. Unfortunately, the air freshener industry is “self-regulated,” which means it’s not regulated at all. Even “green” air freshener companies are not required to disclose all the ingredients in their products to the public. 


So if you want a good-smelling home without dangerous side effects, what should you do? 


For Your Health and Safety, Scent Your Home Naturally 

The safest way to scent your home is with natural fragrances--ingredients you can identify and pronounce, with nothing extra. 

Guru Nanda Essential Oils are made from the highest-quality plants the world over, sustainably harvested. Every single vial is tested twice: through third-party GC-MS testing, and in-house with our own GC-MS machine. In this way, we can prove that our oils are 100% pure.


Diffuse Natural Scents for In-Home Aromatherapy 

Of course, getting the right scents for your home is only half the puzzle. You need a high-quality system to properly diffuse the scent through your home.


The Guru Nanda Waterless Mist Pluggy Is a Safe and Natural Plug-In Home Scent Alternative 

A one-of-a-kind wall plug-in for any sized space? The Pluggy really delivers. With 3 different oil size options and 2 different mist modes, the Pluggy offers a customizable home scenting experience. Nebulizing technology breaks down the essential oil’s particles, pleasantly diffusing them throughout your home without using water or heat.

Your home fragrance is undiluted--and you won’t burn yourself setting it up.


The Guru Nanda Halo is a Diffuser-Humidifier Hybrid 

Home scenting is great, but if you want some added health and beauty benefits, the Halo might just be for you. This quiet, customizable device can be used just as a humidifier, delivering soothing hydration to your hair, skin, and respiratory system. Or you can use the Halo to diffuse essential oils, giving yourself hydration and aromatherapy at once.  

The Halo’s easy top-fill design means that however you choose to use it, you’ll be saving yourself the hassle of messy cleanup. And since the Halo can run 22 hours straight, you can be confident it’s doing its job day or night.

It can be scary to read about all the synthetic chemicals inside many home fragrances. But the good news is that it’s easy to take the steps to keep you and your loved ones safe while still enjoying a lovely smelling home.
With Guru Nanda products, your home will be more healthful and relaxing than ever.