Dear Friends, 

Mercury is in retrograde and it’s Gemini season. I know I’m not the only one who has noticed this crazy energy lately! Whether you are a Gemini yourself or simply want to manifest this sign’s wonderful traits, read on to learn how to lift your spirits and thrive in this most dynamic time.
Element: Air 😮‍💨
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Air signs love to connect and spread ideas–a valuable trait, as the current retrograde is making clear communication difficult! To help raise the vibrations in your environment, purify and protect your air with The Halo
Who doesn’t want to be charismatic? Geminis are a bundle of joyful energy. To achieve this frequency or boost your inherent charisma, use Orange Essential Oil 🍊, known for its mood-boosting + uplifting properties, in your Halo. 
Uses humor as a crutch
Feeling awkward? Geminis love to use humor to diffuse any situation. Speaking of diffusing, when your Halo isn't running, use the Pluggy to scent your home all day long. And whatever you think a Pluggy is, I promise this one smells good 😉
Could talk to a brick wall
Geminis are known for their gift of gab. Being conversational is wonderful, but if this is you, you may find it difficult to slow down! When you need to take a deep breath, diffuse Lavender Essential Oil to relax and ground 😎
Arguments as flirting
No one talks about banter as a love language, but for Geminis, it absolutely is. To win all 12 rounds on the way to your rhetorical K.O. 🥊, use peppermint to pleasantly boost your energy.
Knows a little about everything
No need to explain how you could benefit from all 12 of these different oils. They even come in a cute keepsake box–but you probably knew that already 🤓📚
From May 20 – June 21 2022, enjoy 20% off these items with code: GEMINI



Namaste and good vibes,