Dear Friends,

Aromatherapy is central to the practice of Ayurvedic wellness, which I describe in a previous blog post. For that reason, I am proud to have designed an entire range of essential oil diffusers, including The Waterless Mist Pluggy. The Pluggy is very special to me because... 

The Waterless Mist Pluggy uses one-of-a-kind nebulizing technology. Come again?

As a devoted student and practitioner of aromatherapy, I know well that adding heat or moisture to an essential oil affects its purity. 

Our Pluggy’s nebulizing technology uses a pressurized air stream to break down an essential oil into tiny particles and diffuse them in the air. Since no heat or water is used, the oil remains pure, and you receive the full therapeutic benefits of aromatherapy. 

Speaking of which, what are the benefits of aromatherapy? 

Aromatherapy is a major component of the ancient Indian healing system of Ayurveda. It entails using pure essential oils to fight stress, elevate mood, improve sleep, and promote overall well-being.

In many ways, the benefits of aromatherapy are intuitive. If seeing a breathtaking view or listening to beautiful music elevates your mood, why should smell be any less impactful? 

Western science is still catching up with Ayurveda: Medical researchers know aromatherapy works, just not exactly how. It is thought that the smell receptors in your nose can activate your brain’s nervous system, triggering your brain to produce the feel-good hormone serotonin.  

Why should I use The Waterless Mist Pluggy instead of a conventional air freshener? 

Unfortunately, even many so-called “green” air fresheners tend to be full of harmful synthetic chemicals. The air freshener industry’s self-regulation continues to ensure that consumers are not aware what ingredients they are really using to scent their homes, cars, and offices, some of which may destroy their sense of smell and even cause cancer. 

I am a very positive, upbeat person, but I’ll admit this makes me angry! However, anger can be a useful tool when it empowers us to make a positive change. In my case, my anger about synthetic air fresheners inspired me to design something better. 

Our Waterless Mist Pluggy uses only GuruNanda Essential Oils, which are made from the highest-quality plants the world over and sustainably harvested. Every single vial is tested twice: through third-party GC-MS testing, and in-house with our own GC-MS machine. In this way, we can prove that our oils are 100% pure. 

If you are interested in receiving all the benefits aromatherapy has to offer, The Waterless Mist Pluggy is the safe and easy way to breathe a sigh of contentment.

Namaste, Puneet