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Ultra Soft Nasal Saline Irrigator


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    Product Description

    PROFESSIONAL DESIGN: The GuruNanda nasal irrigator is crafted to match the internal physiological structure of the nasal cavity,  and is effective for rinsing out mucus & irritants from nasal passages & sinuses.

    ALLERGY RELIEF: Ideal for combating allergies and colds, our irrigator with the help of saline or just water helps clear nasal mucus and flush out impurities, pollen, and irritants, providing relief from nasal congestion and discomfort.

    EASY TO USE: Its refillable 300 ml water tank, allows easy water level monitoring. GuruNanda's Ultra Soft Nasal Saline Irrigator ensures perfect water flow suitable for adults & children.

    PERSONALIZED COMFORT: With 3 versatile pressure modes   - low, medium, & high and equipped with 2 replaceable jet tips, it ensures a pleasant rinse experience, optimizing comfort and effectiveness for all.

    ON-THE-GO: Rechargeable, cordless & portable nasal care with a long-lasting battery and IPX7 waterproof design, ensuring hassle-free relief and improved breathing wherever you are.

    Ultra Soft Nasal Saline Irrigator - GuruNanda
    Ultra Soft Nasal Saline Irrigator - GuruNanda

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