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Smile Clean Big Tuft Bristles Toothbrush (1 Pack)


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    Product Description

    BIG TUFT BRISTLES: GuruNanda’s Smile Clean Toothbrush has Big Tuft dense soft bristles that are designed to help clean tooth surfaces more effectively while not being too hard on your teeth or gums.

    SOFT BRISTLES: Even though these bristles have a “big” name, their soft smooth-ended bristles still do the job. Making it great for anyone with sensitive teeth or gums.

    ERGONOMIC HANDLE: It is rubberized ergonomic handle gives you ease and comfort while brushing. Making it easy to maneuver to cover every area of your mouth.

    ANGLED NECK: Smile Clean has an angled neck design to reach those hard-to-reach areas with ease for a thorough cleaning.

    RECOMMENDED: It is recommended to replace your toothbrush every 3 months or sooner as needed for optimal brushing performance.

    Colors may vary.

    Smile Clean Toothbrush (1 Pack) - GuruNanda
    Smile Clean Toothbrush (1 Pack) - GuruNanda

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