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Fresh Floss Picks - 60 Pack


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    PACK OF 60 FRESH FLOSS PICKS: Designed for your comfort and ease by professionals, our floss picks feature angled picks that effectively remove food debris from hard-to-reach areas. The threaded floss head helps to eliminate small food particles stuck between your teeth and gums, helping prevent plaque buildup and bad breath. Its added cocomint flavor gives it an enjoyable, fresh experience when using.

    GLIDE ON-THE-GO: Get 60 cocomint-flavored floss-picks in a single pack. With a non-slip grip handle, these floss picks are perfectly designed for use anytime, anywhere. Their flexible and easy-to-use design allows for gentle gliding between teeth, without causing discomfort. Additionally, the resealable zip-lock packaging ensures safe and easy storage, making it convenient to carry while you travel.

    NON-SHRED FIBER: Our innovative non-shredding fiber comfortably slides between teeth to maximize plaque removal.

    PREMIUM QUALITY FLOSS PICKS: Experience enhanced cleaning efficiency with our high-quality floss, designed to deliver superior plaque and debris removal. Promoting optimal oral health and a cleaner, fresher smile conveniently at your home.

    DENTIST RECOMMENDED: Experience pain-free flossing with GuruNanda's Fresh Floss Picks, a trusted and recommended solution by dentists worldwide. Suitable for both adults and kids (with adult supervision for those under 12), these floss picks are not only cruelty-free, PFA & BPA Free but also non-toxic, making them a reliable and safe option for your oral care needs.

    Fresh Floss Picks - 60 Pack - GuruNanda
    Fresh Floss Picks - 60 Pack - GuruNanda

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