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Butter on Gums Toothbrushes (6 Pack) & Whitening Strips


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    EXTRA SOFT BRISTLES FOR SENSITIVE GUMS: GuruNanda Butter on Gums Toothbrush (6 count) is made with 8000+ SoftexTM bristles technology, which compromises of ultra-soft bristles, to help reduce receding gums, and are gentle for sensitive teeth. Our Butter on Gums toothbrush has smooth-ended bristles that gently remove food particles and plaque while polishing the teeth.

    COMFORTABLE & GENTLE: This GuruNanda toothbrush has a rubberized, ergonomic handle for ease of usage and comfort. The SoftexTM bristles are gentle on your teeth and gums while providing complete and excellent cleaning of your mouth. Recommended by a Gum Implant Surgeon.

    DENTIST RECOMMENDED: Dentists highly recommend the GuruNanda Butter on Gums toothbrush because of the high volume of bristles within the brush head to thoroughly clean your teeth and gums. Brush your teeth in smaller circular motions from back to front including inner, outer, and chewing surfaces. Rinse after each use and brush at least twice a day for ideal results. Replace toothbrush every 3 months for optimal brushing experience.

    WHITENING STRIPS: Infused with natural coconut oil, Guru Nanda Coconut Teeth Whitening Strips are a great solution for teeth whitening for sensitive teeth and gums. It can help reduce tooth and gum sensitivity caused by hydrogen peroxide. The pure coconut oil in our strip helps refresh your breath and clean your teeth.

    NO MESS STRIP TECHNOLOGY: Each of our strips can stay on firmly for up to 2 hours without falling or shifting. It can even withhold drinking water or exercising. It is advisable to not smoke, sleep, eat, or drink (anything other than water) while using the strips.

    Butter on Gums Toothbrushes (6 Pack) & Whitening Strips - GuruNanda

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