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Ashwagandha and Mickey D Oil Pulling & Dual Barrel Mouthwash


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    Product Description

    GuruNanda Ashwagandha Oil Pulling (8 fl oz) is a fusion of natural oils & herbs that embraces the ancient practice of Ayurvedic oil pulling in a modern form, it is a holistic approach to oral wellness. It is a 100% natural blend of Ashwagandha, Cinnamon, Neem, Clove, Roman Chamomile, Cardamom, Tea Tree & Sunflower Oils with Turmeric & fractionated coconut oil. This blend boasts Vitamins D3, E &K2.

    GuruNanda Mickey D Pulling Oil is a natural, pre-brush rinse inspired by Ayurvedic wisdom, with lower density than coconut or sesame oil. It comes in an 8 fl oz bottle with a tongue scraper inside. It contains 100% pure coconut oil, essential oils (Tea Tree, Peppermint, Clove, Oregano, Fennel, Spearmint & Cardamom) & vitamins D3, E & K2. Hydrophobic & lipid-inspired, it enhances your oral care.

    GuruNanda Whitening Mouthwash, based on Ayurvedic principles, is a fluoride-free, dual-chamber formula. Hydrogen peroxide, natural ingredients, and vitamins combine to help with bad breath and teeth stains, promoting oral hygiene and whiter teeth through Oxy-burst technology.  Our mouthwash contains a unique blend of 100% pure essential oils and vitamins for complete oral hygiene. Spearmint, peppermint, cardamom, and fennel oils provide fresh breath, while clove, oregano, and tea tree support teeth and gum health. Essential vitamins D3, E, and K2 are included for overall oral health.

    Safe for the whole family.  Both our oil pulling and mouthwash can be used by both adults and children (ages 12 & up).  Children need adult supervision when using.  Please use as directed on the back of the package..

    GuruNanda is a US-based brand built on the principles of good karma. Offering affordable, high-quality products made with ethically sourced essential oils and natural ingredients, every purchase has a positive impact. With a commitment to safety and unique experiences, GuruNanda is dedicated to providing the best for its customers.

    Ashwagandha and Mickey D Oil Pulling & Dual Barrel Mouthwash - GuruNanda

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