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Advance Clean Toothbrush - 6 Pack


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    Product Description

    ERO DEXA HANDLE: Each toothbrush has a padded ERGO DEXA ergonomic handle for comfort and ease of use.

    BUILT-IN TONGUE CLEANER: Get an overall oral cleaning with a built-in tongue scraper on every toothbrush.

    ANGLED NECK: Our toothbrushes have an angled neck to extend behind back teeth further for better accessibility. While the soft toothbrush bristles tips effectively clean tough-to-reach places.

    DIRECTIONS: Dentists recommend brushing in small circular motions. Brush all teeth from back to front, all inner, outer, and chewing surfaces. Rinse after each use.

    REMINDER: It is suggested to replace your toothbrush every 3 months or as needed for optimal brushing performance.

    Advance Clean Toothbrush - 6 Pack - GuruNanda
    Advance Clean Toothbrush - 6 Pack - GuruNanda

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