Author Name

Anish Nanda M.D.

From Compassion to Commercial Success:
Dr. Anish Nanda is a remarkable blend of medical brilliance and business acumen. Originally steeped in the medical field, with a specialization in the complexities of neurology and cardiac care, Dr. Nanda has seamlessly navigated his way into the bustling corridors of the corporate world. At present, he is a pivotal figure at GuruNanda, LLC, where he dons multiple hats, including those of E-commerce Director and National Sales Manager. His day-to-day responsibilities are as diverse as they are critical, encompassing the meticulous oversight of essential oil quality, steering influencer marketing campaigns, and ensuring the highest standards of customer service.



● St. George’s University School of Medicine
● University of Redlands, Bachelor of Science in Biology, Minor in Chemistry



● Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation (CPR) Certified
●Emergency Medical Technician (EMT) Certified


Professional Accomplishments

● E-commerce Director, National Sales Manager, Influencer Marketing Manager, and Customer Service Manager at GuruNanda, LLC
● Laboratory Consultant for Essential Oil Quality Control at GuruNanda, LLC
● Research Assistant at St. George’s University School of Medicine
● Assistant to Dr. Gary E. Marais, Cardiologist, at Beaver Medical Group


Honors and Recognition

● NeuroResearch Student Group - Invited to join the neuroscience research committee.
● Initiated into Phi Beta Kappa - Recognizing exceptional academic achievement.
● Athena Award - Honoring the highest level of professional excellence.
● Recipient of Bob and Erlene Leonard Endowed Scholarship - For athletes excelling in academics and sports.
● ITA Scholar-Athlete and Scholar-Athlete Award - Recognizing academic and athletic achievements.
● Awarded Who’s Who Among Students in American Universities and Colleges.
● CoSIDA Academic All-District First Team - For achieving academic excellence while contributing significantly to the sports team.
● Beaver Medical Clinic Foundation Scholarship - For students pursuing careers in the medical field.



● Research Project on Neurophobia under the mentorship of Tuula Jalonen, Neurology Faculty at St. George’s University School of Medicine
● Developed essential oil blends and safety usage instructions at GuruNanda, LLC
● Volunteer at Loma Linda University Medical Center in acute care/emergency and pediatric oncology department