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Your Brightest Smile in a Swish: GuruNanda Oxyburst Whitening Mouthwash

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You hate whitening your teeth. We get it.

Whitening strips are a pain. They taste terrible, slide around in your mouth, and the gel gets everywhere. But if you want to look your best on a date or in a big meeting, you have to grin and bear it–right?


Not anymore. With GuruNanda Oxyburst Whitening Mouthwash, you can discover a brighter smile, fresher breath, and more balanced oral microbiome in a swish. 


This groundbreaking, dentist-recommended oral care product was developed by a team of Ayurvedic and Western oral care experts to make smiling bright easy, safe, and good for you.

Read on to find out how. 



Oxyburst Whitening Mouthwash Combines Ayurvedic Wisdom…

GuruNanda is a natural wellness company based in Ayurveda, a 3,000-year-old holistic healing methodology that is still studied and practiced today. If you have ever practiced yoga, enjoyed aromatherapy, or balanced your chakras, you are already an Ayurvedic practitioner yourself.


Ayurveda teaches that oral health is the gateway to whole-body health, a principle that is widely accepted in Western medicine today. Ayurveda also states that nature is the best medicine, and that essential oils can play a vital part in protecting and even improving oral wellness.


For that reason, GuruNanda Oxyburst Whitening Mouthwash is formulated with a proprietary blend of 7 purpose-driven, sustainably sourced, pure and natural essential oils. This blend naturally freshens the breath and invigorates the mouth, supports antibacterial and antimicrobial properties, supports gum health and reduced inflammation, supports oral and bone health, and reduces stress levels. 


Swish with Oxyburst twice a day to get all these benefits. And in keeping with Ayurveda's emphasis on bringing the mind, body, and soul into balance, purchasing from GuruNanda is good for your karma too. GuruNanda essential oils are GMO-free, double-tested for 100% purity, and grown in partnership with our Global Farm Alliance


Buying Oxyburst benefits you and developing communities around the world. That’s something to smile about. 


…With Cutting-Edge Oral Care Technology 


GuruNanda Oxyburst Whitening Mouthwash whitens teeth more quickly and safely than any other mouthwash, due to our hydrogen peroxide blend. Combined with our purpose-driven essential oils, Oxyburst brightens teeth and removes stains while supporting stronger teeth and bones.


Oxyburst Mouthwash is gentle, effective, and enamel-safe. The mouthwash is also free of toxic chemicals, preservatives, artificial colors, and fluoride. Like all GuruNanda products, it is never tested on animals.


And if you hate the chemical gel taste of most teeth whitening products, the natural taste of Oxyburst will freshen your breath and turn that frown upside down.


If you want convenient, safe, and natural teeth whitening, then GuruNanda Oxyburst Whitening Mouthwash is the perfect choice for you. Just swish for 1 minute, and you’re ready to face the world with a smile.