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Dear Friends,

Many of you have asked me about the benefits of a natural parasite cleanse. If you are concerned that you have contracted a severe parasitic illness, the best thing to do is consult your doctor. In fact, this is a recommendation I make before starting any new wellness regimen, especially if you have other health conditions or are currently taking medication.   

With that said, I believe the GuruNanda ParaCleanse is an excellent way to support overall health and wellness and achieve holistic balance. This dietary supplement naturally augments the body’s innate healing abilities and gently clears the system of parasites. It is not intended to cure or treat disease. 


Unfortunately, intestinal parasites can be contracted in many different ways. While international travel and consuming undercooked meats are well-known ways to contract parasites, other less well-known ways include such everyday activities as exposure to children and child care centers, poor personal hygiene, and having a weakened immune system. 

Likewise, the symptoms of parasitic infection can vary widely. Common symptoms include diarrhea, vomiting, abdominal pain, excessive gas, and bloating. Some people who believe they have IBS may actually be suffering from parasites. It is also possible that symptoms as diverse as unexplained chronic fatigue, skin diseases or itchiness, muscular or joint pain, anemia, and even not feeling full after meals can be the result of a parasitic infection as well. 

The strangest symptom of intestinal parasites? Teeth grinding. The toxins released by intestinal parasites can cause anxiety, leading to mood swings, poor sleep, and the grinding of teeth at night.

But on top of all this, many people who have intestinal parasites have no symptoms at all.

Luckily, a natural parasite cleanse can help restore the body’s balance without noxious side effects.


The GuruNanda ParaCleanse consists of two steps. Each step incorporates an intentionally formulated blend of powerful natural ingredients with parasite-fighting properties while also targeting the underlying causes that might have exacerbated the imbalance. Both steps are recommended, but not required.

Step One: 

Drink our proprietary blend of wormwood, clove, oregano, peppermint fennel, and pumpkin seed essential oils, along with MCT oil. 

Wormwood, clove, oregano, and peppermint essential oils all contain anti-parasitic properties. Along with fennel, these essential oils also fight inflammation and support digestion. Pumpkin seed essential oil may contain a number of holistic benefits including supporting heart health and preventing high blood pressure, supporting the function of the prostate and the urinary tract, and containing antioxidant properties. MCT oil supports improved brain function and optimal absorption of the blend’s other ingredients.   

Drinking this blend will support a balanced digestive tract and overall holistic wellness. As longtime readers of this blog know, all GuruNanda essential oils and carrier oils are 100% pure and natural and are always sustainably and ethically sourced. 

Just as important to me as what is in my Paracleanase is what is not. The Paracleanse is free of alcohol and has been rigorously tested for purity and reliability.  

Step Two: 

Drink our fulvic acid. 

Once the gut microbiome is cleansed through Step One, our ParaCleanse incorporates fulvic acid. Why? In addition to supporting nutrient absorption and detoxification, fulvic acid may increase the activity of the immune system. This gives the body, which has been busy fighting a parasitic infection, a potential boost as it restores to its normal balance.

I encourage you to drink an ample amount of water after either step one or step two. This will aid in hydrating the body and supporting its natural detoxification process.


If you weigh less than 150 pounds, it is recommended to use half of the recommended dosage. If you know yourself to be sensitive to herbs, a light meal is recommended before ingestion. I also recommend drinking an ample amount of water either after step one or step two to support the detoxification process.

This cleanse must be performed for a minimum of seven days and can be extended for up to two weeks, or an absolute maximum of 30 days, depending on your initial condition and response. Your natural doctor can guide you on this.  

GuruNanda Paracleanse is a wonderful way to achieve optimal wellness and a balanced digestive system. I encourage you to reap the holistic benefits it provides.