Dear Friends,
If you have watched my TikTok videos, you might have heard me talking about using GuruNanda to “bridge the gap.” Some of you have asked me to expand on what this means, which I am more than happy to do! I named GuruNanda after myself because I want this company to reflect my personal values and goals, which are to use ancient wisdom from my homeland of India to empower the underserved.
Read to on learn more about what this means to me and how I do this.

As you may know, I used to lead an incredibly unhealthy lifestyle. When I first came to the United States from India, I worked over a hundred hours a week trying to build my dental products business. I ate processed food, slept little, and never exercised. It was frightening but not surprising that soon enough, I had a major health episode. The medical doctors at the hospital where I was recovering ran many tests but could find nothing wrong with me that my own habits had not created. They suggested medication. But I knew I needed a deeper solution:
to change the way I lived.

I went back to India and embraced our traditional wellness practices: yoga and Ayurveda. Ayurveda, which means the science of life in the ancient language of Sanskrit, is the oldest known holistic wellness system in the entire world. It promotes natural remedies, specifically through aromatherapy and oral care. I had known about Ayurveda as a child but had always been dismissive of it. It was only when my health was on the line that I realized how important it was.

When I returned to America, I developed more compassion for myself. American culture, like so many cultures around the world, makes it very expensive to live in a way that promotes wellness. Jobs demand long hours, often for little pay. Food, housing, and even healthcare are massively expensive. This is wrong.
Because Ayurveda has made such a difference to me, I wanted to make it accessible to all.

At GuruNanda, we bridge the gap between the time-tested ancient wisdom of Ayurveda and the clinical science-based of the West. All our products are designed with teams of both Ayurvedic and Western medical specialists. We use double-blinded clinical studies in Western labs to prove the results of our Ayurveda-based remedies.

A great example of this is our essential oils. Our farm-to-bottle essential oils are authentically Ayurvedic and of the highest quality–which we demonstrated by testing them with cutting-edge Western gas chromatography and mass spectroscopy machines, then packaged on automated high-speed machines in the US. This methodology allows us to maintain and standardize the highest quality at the lowest price and make our product accessible to underserved communities via channels like Walmart, TikTok, and Amazon.

But it’s not just GuruNanda customers I want to help. At every level of my business, I look for ways to give back. From planting trees to providing economic opportunities to underserved communities around the world who grow, harvest, and manufacture our essential oils, GuruNanda is proud to support the greater good of all. Just as essential oils, when combined together, have synergistic effects, I believe that good deeds should benefit as many people in as
many ways as possible.

While I remain sad and angry that certain healthcare services remain inaccessible to many, I am always heartened to see people who are not of means sharing on social media how GuruNanda products have helped them. From oral wellness benefits like reducing cavity-causing plaque, whitening teeth, and freshening breath to holistic benefits such as reduced migraines and elevated mood, the benefits of our products are many, and many have wanted to make them

I want to be clear: We at GuruNanda do not pay influencers to make these claims. These are all people who have used and enjoyed our products and taken it upon themselves to educate others.

As a business owner and a person who believes that wellness is a right, not a privilege, nothing gives me greater joy than to do at least my small part in bringing that wellness to more people. I hope you will try our products if you have not already done so. You will be bringing incredible benefits to yourself and so many others.