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Dear Friends,

I have written extensively about my dislike of conventional mouthwash, but it’s a topic I never get tired of discussing. Conventional mouthwash, such as the type you might buy at the drugstore, kills all the bacteria in your mouth–both the bad bacteria that cause cavities and the good bacteria that helps you break down food… and fight the bad bacteria! This actually harms your oral microbiome and can make you more susceptible to gingivitis. Conventional mouthwash can also dry out your mouth (due to the alcohol in it), cause ulcers, even stain your teeth–well, you get the idea. 

Since I do not use or recommend conventional mouthwash, many people ask me how I keep my breath fresh and pleasant. For many years, I have been recommending GuruNanda Coconut + Mint Pulling Oil for both overall oral wellness and fresher breath. But now, thanks to a third-party, randomized, double-blinded clinical trial, the data is clear: GuruNanda Coconut + Mint Pulling Oil can keep your breath fresh naturally for up to 12 hours. 

That’s as long as some of the leading synthetic mouthwashes. Yes, really. Read on to learn more.


Pulling oil is a natural mouthwash alternative that was first used by kings and queens in ancient India. True to its name, it has a thick, oily texture–so it can take a little getting used to. 

Pulling oil works by literally “pulling” the impurities, or bad bacteria from your mouth. You use it by swishing it around your mouth and between your teeth, then spitting the oil out in the trash (not the sink, as it will clog your pipes). Though it takes 2 minutes of daily swishing to get the full good breath benefits, I recommend that new users start with swishing for 30 seconds and work their way up. 


Yes, and we have conclusive scientific evidence to prove it.

The third-party double-blinded study was conducted by Sushma Nachnani, PHD, and Steve Lee, DDS. Sushma Nachnani is the President of UHRG, Inc., a preeminent contract research organization that provides expertise in evaluating the safety and efficacy of products and innovative treatments in oral care through robust clinical trials. Steve Lee is a highly-regarded dentist, Health Sciences Assistant Clinical Professor, and Director of the Profressional Program of Internatonal Dentists. 

Sushma Nachnani and Steve Lee’s study used 60 ethnically diverse participants between the ages of 18 and 75. These participants had an average organoleptic score of at least 7.0 ± .5 on a hedonic scale–which is a very scientific way of saying that these people objectively had moderately unpleasant bad breath. They all refrained from eating or drinking things that would negatively or positively affect their breath for the duration of the study, such as alcohol, foods with garlic or onions, tobacco, or any other mouthwash. 

A computer-generated random sample of study participants were then given GuruNanda Coconut + Mint Pulling Oil and instructed to use it for 2 minutes, once per day. The other half were given a placebo product. 

Both groups of participants were instructed to return to the laboratory for a baseline visit, a visit twelve hours later, and a third visit three weeks after that. 

The results were stunning. After twelve hours, both the active and placebo groups showed slight improvements in their breath on the hedonic scale. After three weeks, the placebo group showed more or less the same results. 

The group of participants who were taking GuruNanda Coconut + Mint Pulling Oil, however, showed statistically significant improvement. Their scores improved from being “moderately unpleasant” on the hedonic scale to neutral – a massive improvement.  

Think of someone you know with bad breath. Maybe it is a coworker, a friend, or even your spouse. How much better would your life be if you weren’t afraid to be face-to-face with them? 

While I don’t suggest you give your coworker a bottle of GuruNanda Coconut + Mint Pulling Oil and say, “Here, you need this,” perhaps keeping it in the office bathroom might do the trick?  


My Coconut + Mint pulling oil is formulated with only the highest-quality, 100% pure and natural ingredients, ethically sourced from their countries of origin for the highest possible quality. Each ingredient is selected to support optimal holistic oral wellness: fractionated coconut oil and peppermint oil to support the removal of bad oral bacteria and fresher breath, spearmint oil for fresher breath and antibacterial and antimicrobial agents, clove oil to help fight gum disease, tea tree oil for its anti-inflammatory properties, cardamom oil to fight the bacteria that produce bad breath, oregano oil to help slow the growth of cavities and prevent tooth decay, and fennel oil for its anti-inflammatory and anti-bacterial properties. 

These essential oils are further supported in my pulling oil by vitamin E, which can prevent inflammation, vitamin D, which helps your body absorb calcium for healthier teeth and gums, and vitamin K2, which helps balance the oral microbiome–plus stevia for taste. 

However, what is not in my pulling oil is just as significant as what is in it. Unlike the conventional mouthwashes I mentioned earlier, GuruNanda Coconut + Mint Pulling Oil contains no alcohol or synthetic chemicals. Which is probably why the participants in the study reported no adverse side effects to using it. 

I’m very proud that in just 2 minutes a day, GuruNanda Coconut + Mint Pulling Oil will give you the fresh, pleasant breath you deserve, without any of the negative side effects you don’t.

I hope you will try it today.