Why you Should Add Peppermint Essential Oil to Your Daily Routine

health benefits

Peppermint has a pleasant smell that we are all familiar with. It can also be used in a variety of oral and topical applications. Due to its antimicrobial properties, Peppermint Essential Oil is almost as versatile as Lavender Essential Oil.

When applied to the skin, this oil cools it down and has a calming effect on you. Interestingly, the peppermint plant is a hybrid species that was produced by crossing water mint and spearmint plants. Of the active ingredients that are part of Peppermint Oil, more than 40% of it is composed of menthol and more than 10% menthone.

History tells us that peppermint oil was in use by people living as early as 1,000 BC due to its immense health benefits.

relief from muscle pain

When it comes to finding relief from pain in a natural way, Peppermint Essential Oil is very effective! Since it acts like a muscle relaxant, it can help reduce back pain, sore muscles, and tension headaches.

sore throat soother

Sore throat can irritate and frustrate a person to no end! Using Peppermint essential oil can bring relief from this condition because the oil contains a lot of menthol. Menthol produces cooling and calms down the pain while also thinning mucus. Even as that happens, the oil prevents your throat from swelling any further.

If you also have a cough along with a sore throat, then this easy recipe might be able to help.

cough + sore throat recipe

  • Mix 2 drops each of Lavender oilPeppermint, and Lemon essential oils together and diffuse away.
  • Inhaling this blend will not just help with a cough, it will also clear your sinuses, and give your immune system a boost!

concentration increaser

If you are about to take a test the next day, then you already know some of the things that are important for a good score. You have to study hard, get a good night worth of sleep, and eat well. However, what you might not know is that peppermint candies can also help improve your test performance! 

Quick Tip: add 1 – 2 drops of Peppermint Essential Oil to a cotton ball and inhale the scent. Doing so can improve your concentration and make you more alert.

breath freshener

If you are tired of bad breath and have spent a considerable amount of cash finding the right mouthwash that is also effective, then we might have something for you! Use Peppermint Essential Oil to whip up a mouthwash that tastes good, is completely homemade, does not cost much, and works all day long! The mouthwash is so effective because Peppermint Oil possesses antibacterial and anti-fungal properties.

homemade mouthwash

In a glass jar, mix:

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