What Essential Oils are Good for What? The Simple Guide to Essential Oil Benefits

There are hundreds of essential oils in the world, and that can be overwhelming when you don’t understand the benefits of each essential oil. 

Let’s make it easy!

Below, you’ll see that each mandala represents a particular essential oil benefit. 

You can click directly on the image to jump to that category and get the essential oil you’ve been looking for. 

While these categories are designed to simplify your shopping experience, keep in mind that some essential oils have many benefits and could be in multiple categories. 

The Mandala

The Mandala is a symbol that represents:
The Universe 
The Self 
Transcendent Wisdom 
The Mandala has been used throughout the ages as a spiritual guidance tool and continues to be a relevant symbol that connects us with the great beyond.

Click on each Mandala to discover the essential oils for each benefit.

1. Relax

The various shades of lavender in this Mandala represent deep relaxation and tranquility. These particular Guru Nanda essential oils can be used to achieve deeper states of relaxation due to their therapeutic properties.

Use these essential oils at home or in the office to feel a sense of tranquility anytime.

Below are a few of our top relaxing essential oils:

2. Heal

This Mandala represents healing. Essential oils have been used for thousands of years as a means to heal the mind, body, and soul. The use of essential oils for healing dates all the way back to ancient Egypt.

Use these essential oils to experience the therapeutic effects that have been a staple of ancient medicine for thousands of years.

Below are a few of our healing essential oils: 

3. Purify

Throughout our lives, we pick up toxins both physical and intangible. The essential oils in this category help us to cleanse our bodies and renew our spirits. Essential oils in this category also tend to have refreshing scents.

Use these essential oils daily to cleanse and purify the body and mind.

Below are a few of our purifying essential oils: 

4. Energize

The essential oils in this category can help to refresh the mind and ready your body for action. Studies have shown that these essential oils have even helped students focus while preparing for major tests.

Get your day started with these essential oils to refuel and boost your energy levels. 

Below are a few of our energizing essential oils:

5. Balance

Especially during rough, unstable times, these essential oils can help you tap into your vital life energy and guide you to your spiritual and emotional center. Many people also use these essential oils to help balance their mood during difficult times. The imbalance is never permanent.

Each of these essential oils was chosen for their ability to produce feelings of balance and harmony.

Below are a few of our balancing essential oils: 


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