What Essential Oils are Good for the Home? Oils for Every Room in the House

Wondering how you can make your home spell like an aromatic paradise? Here are the essential oils you need.


home entrance

Having a pleasant, fragrant essential oil at the entrance of your home can encourage visitors to come in. We recommend opting for an essential oil that’s been shown to lift people’s mood such as Orange Essential Oil or Cinnamon Essential Oil. “Orange essential oil is an emotionally uplifting oil,” says Maat van Uitert, essential oil expert and founder of FrugalChicken. “The major chemical constituent is limonene, which has been shown to reduce anxiety, lower heart rate, and ease stress.”

Another favorite essential oil to use in the home is cinnamon. This is a classic scent that tends to bring back memories of baking and childhood. “Cinnamon signals ‘fun’ to our memory centers and is a great way to welcome a guest,” says Kac Young, Ph.D., doctor of naturopathy and clinical hypnotherapy and author.



To achieve a clean, crisp scent for a room in your home, give Lemon Essential Oil a shot. “Lemon is antibacterial and a stimulant so it has natural purification properties built in,” says Dr. Young. “It’s also a sense awakener—it clarifies the mind, dispels anger and provides a sense of new energy. It’s like a breath of fresh air in a stuffy room.”

To invite in those cozy vibes, Cinnamon Essential Oil is a must. “Cinnamon elicits feelings of warmth and comfort, and since cinnamon is so prevalent in baked goods, many people associate cinnamon with warm memories of baking, sipping hot apple cider, and spending time with family as a child,” says van Uitert. “More than other scents, cinnamon evokes a sense of security and well being.”

Since cinnamon can be so therapeutic, she suggests diffusing plenty at a time.

Living Room

living room

The best essential oils for your living room depend on what you enjoy doing in that room the most. If you want to rest after a busy day and forget about the stress of it all, we recommend Pine Needle Essential Oil. It has a sweet, relaxing scent and can help us connect with nature.

Scents that remind us of nature have been linked to lower blood pressure. Try adding one to two drops to your favorite potpourri mix or diffusing up to ten drops in a diffuser.

If use your living room as a second office or as a productivity center to catch up on work, you may want to try Rosemary Essential Oil as it can help you get more focused on the task at hand.

Dining Room

dining room

Perhaps the dining room is not a place where you sit down for each meal, but rather where you dine on special occasions with good friends. You might want to make it smell appetizing!

While it’s important to choose an essential oil that’s welcoming, you’ll also want to select one that gets your appetite going, such as Bergamot Essential Oil. Try to avoid strong scents that may distract you from eating or suppress your appetite like peppermint or ginger.

You might love using a small amount of Lavender Essential Oil. It has a scent that can enhance the space and create a relaxing, peaceful atmosphere without being overwhelming.



Ah, the main spot. Not only do you want an essential oil that you enjoy, but you’ll also want to go for one that has calming, relaxing effects and can help you get ready for sleep. The rich and floral scent of Jasmine Essential Oil can do just that, while evoking feelings of intimacy.

Keep in mind this scent is powerful, so perhaps just diffuse one to three drops in water for the best aromatic atmosphere.

If you want to start your day feeling empowered, keep a bottle of Frankincense Essential Oil nearby or on your nightstand.

Laundry Room

laundry room

The laundry room shouldn’t be such a forgotten part of the home. Some say that it can trigger stress because it reminds us of chores. notes van Uitert.

For this reason, select a relaxing scent that will leave your clothes with a scent that’s even nicer than your detergent. Try Lemon Essential Oil. 

Make the laundry room a stress-free zone every time. 



Have you ever walked into a bathroom that smells amazing? Isn’t it refreshing?

Perhaps you can try to keep it light and airy with essential oils such as Lemon, Eucalyptus, or Tea Tree. They possess antibacterial properties, and they are associated with stimulating the mind.

If you enjoy a nice, long bath after a hectic and hard work day, you may want to choose an essential oil that is known for creating feelings of relief and relaxation, such as Lavender Essential Oil. 



Did you think the garage didn’t matter? While not everyone spends a whole lot of time in the garage, most people walk in and out of it quite often. Why not keep it smelling nice with some peppermint essential oil?

According to Van Uitert, “The menthol and limonene chemical constituents found in peppermint essential oils stimulate the emotional centers of your brain, which motivate and uplift you—a perfect pick-me-up before work or for when you just arrive home,”

“The menthol constituents also give peppermint oil its characteristic strong scent, so it’ll mask any off odors in your garage.” For an immediate benefit, invest in a personal diffuser for your car.

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