Tru Med Pulse Oximeter

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GuruNanda Finger Pulse Oximeter is painless and easy to use. Accurately determine your SpO2 (blood oxygen saturation levels) and pulse rate. Finger Pulse Oximeter and lanyard included Gurunanda Finger Pulse Oximeter's lanyard allows for ease of transporation of the device.

The device is extremely lightweight, small and transportable which makes it so convenient to use anywhere at your convenience. Measure your blood oxygen level and pulse rate anywhere and everywhere you go!

Please note that batteries are not included

Out of box ready: simply add two AAA batteries and you are ready for use, GuruNanda Finger Pulse Oximeter is easy to operate with a one button operation. The finger pulse oximeter can work more than 30 hours continuously. Automatic shut off when no signal for five seconds.

User friendly design: LED display mode. Easy to use: put fingertip inside Gurunanda Pulse Oximeter, making sure your finger is on the rubber cushion of the pulse oximeter, then clip the finger. Press the switch button on the front panel and allow the pulse oximeter to read oxygen level and pulse rate. For additional information, please refer to the instruction manual included.

How To Use

  1. Insert the two AAA batteries in the proper direction
  2. Open the clip 
  3. Place the user's finger into the device, on the rubber cushion (make sure the finger is in the correct position, and then clip the finger 
  4. Press the switch button once on front panel 
  5. Do not shake the finger and keep the user at ease during the process. Meanwhile, the user should stay still and not move. 
  6. Read the results on the front screen desplay 
  7. Press the switch button to allow the device to reset 
  8. Repeat as many times as needed