It’s cozy time.

Orange leaves, warm beverages, and pumpkin pie are here. We had our fair share of heat and can’t wait to get back to our chill, cozy vibes with some Fall diffuser blends.

Try any or all of the following fall diffuser blends depending on your mood. You may want to use a little less or more of the essential oils depending on the size of your diffuser’s tank.

Autumn Immunity Fall Diffuser Blend Essential Oils

Autumn Immunity

Description: While we are totally in love with Autumn, it can also bring about cold and flu symptoms, which are never fun. Try this Fall diffuser blend to help support your overall health. Enjoy the healing and therapeutic effects.

Essential Oils:

Spiced Cider Fall Diffuser Blend Essential Oils

Spiced Cider Diffuser Blend

Description: Something special happens when you combine Cinnamon, Clove, and a citrus oil. This is basically the official scent of fall. Enjoy the warming, therapeutic aroma of Spiced Cider.

Essential Oils:

Fresh Mountain Air Fall Diffuser Blend Essential Oils

Fresh Mountain Air

Description: With the woody scents of Pine Needle and Cedarwood dominating this mix, you’ll enjoy the natural, outdoorsy scent of Fresh Mountain Air.

Essential Oils:

Lost in the Woods Fall Diffuser Blend

Lost in the Woods

Description: Imagine being lost in the woods, comforted by the trees around you as their natural scent fills the air. Now, you can fill your own space with that same “Lost in the Woods” aroma.

Essential Oils:

Pumpkin Spice Fall Diffuser Blend Essential Oils

Pumpkin Spice

Description: Fall just wouldn’t be complete without some good ol’ Pumpkin Spice. Try this fall diffuser blend to create this iconic Autumn scent.

Essential Oils:

Take full advantage of Autumn and make it a cozy, great-smelling season!

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