Does Oil Pulling Help with Sagging Skin?

Oil pulling is trending, and it will continue to trend upwards thanks to its variety of powerful benefits. In this episode, the Guru himself answers one of your most burning questions about oil pulling. Question Does oil pulling help with sagging skin? Guru Answer Yes, it can.  When you perform oil pulling, you’re using the majority […]

What Essential Oils are Good for What? The Simple Guide to Essential Oil Benefits

There are hundreds of essential oils in the world, and that can be overwhelming when you don’t understand the benefits of each essential oil.  Let’s make it easy! Below, you’ll see that each mandala represents a particular essential oil benefit.  You can click directly on the image to jump to that category and get the […]

Top 5 Best Essential Oils for Energy – Get That Positive Energy Flowing Now

We’re still in the midst of optimism month, and you know what takes a lot of energy?  Optimism.  In today’s article, we’ll talk about some of the most impressive essential oils for energy and how you can start using them immediately.  Energy Fundamentals Before we jump into the essential oils for energy, let’s talk about […]

Which Essential Oil is Best for Acne?

Acne is known as the most common skin condition in the U.S.; it affects up to 50 million Americans every year. The fact that it’s difficult to find an effective treatment makes acne even more bothersome.  Most people turn to prescription drugs that are, unfortunately, full of harmful chemicals.  Ah, the things we do for beauty… Alternatively, using […]

What Essential Oils are Safe for Pets? Recommendations for Dogs and Cats

The debates continue to rage in the aromatherapy field about the use of essential oils on or around pets.  GuruNanda does not recommend applying essential oils directly to your pet. In our opinion, there’s just not enough data to warrant it.  In terms of diffusion, we have found that several essential oils are safe to […]

What Do Essential Oil Diffusers Do? A Comprehensive Guide to Understanding Diffusers

If you’re new to using essential oils, you’ve probably heard about diffusers and how wonderful they are to keep around the house. However, before you decide to throw essential oil in a diffuser, it’s important to understand how they’re going to affect your lungs. Today’s article will cover everything you need to know about how using essential oils […]

9 Essential Oils to Celebrate this Holiday Season

To make Christmas the jolliest time of the season, try using essential oils to lift your mood and get those holiday vibes flowing! Here are our top 9 essential oils to celebrate this holiday season.  1. Peppermint Essential Oil  Benefits: Keeps things fresh at home Peppermint Essential Oil is perfect for the holidays as it […]

Essential Oil Holiday Gift Guide

It’s never too early to stock up for the most wonderful time of the year. To make shopping easy and fun, check out this Essential Oil Holiday Gift Guide. Aromatherapy, which is the use of aromatic plant extracts such as essential oils for self-healing, is a trend on the rise! As more people discover this ancient healing […]

How to Use Essential Oils to Make Your Own Perfume

Many of us work hard to make good choices when it comes to our foods. We know this is important – and we try to avoid hormones and GMOs, and eat organic products when possible. But, are we doing the same thing with our personal care products? You may be surprised to learn that research […]


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