7 Benefits of Using a Humidifier and Essential Oil Diffuser – Introducing the Tower XL

Wondering if you can add essential oils to a humidifier? The 2-Liter Tower XL is a powerful humidifier specifically engineered for aromatherapy. It is the world’s first 2 in 1 open-top humidifier and essential oil diffuser. Using a humidifier and diffuser combined can significantly benefit your environment and overall health. Read on to learn how. Prevent Dry […]

5 Essential Oil Roll Ons You Can Enjoy Immediately – No Dilution Needed

What if you didn’t have to worry about diluting essential oils before using them? What if your essential oils were 100% pure and natural? What if you could hold exotic essential oils from around the world in the palm of your hand? Thanks to this beautiful Exotics collection, now you can. What is the Exotics […]

Top 51 Best Selling Essential Oils + Their Benefits

As you glance over GuruNanda’s essential oils, you’ll notice that the essential oils are sourced from all over the world. Each plant source was carefully selected based on where it thrives most. Plants are selected based on their heritage and reputation in an effort to distill only the purest and most powerful essential oils. GuruNanda […]

What is Multiple Chemical Sensitivity (MCS)? The Mystery Unveiled

Have you noticed that you seem to have allergy symptoms in situations where others are perfectly fine?  Multiple chemical sensitivity aka MCS could be the culprit. Read on to learn what it is and how to know if you have it.  What is Multiple Chemical Sensitivity (MCS)? Multiple Chemical Sensitivity is essentially a condition that has […]

How to Use Essential Oils During Stressful Times

If you deal with stress in daily life, I don’t have to tell you how hard it is.  Very few people understand how deeply troubling stress can be.  Stress are also bad for your health in the long run. So how can essential oils help? First Things First While essential oils can be very helpful in […]

Are Diffusers Bad for You?

 As essential oils continue to grow in popularity, more and more homes around the world are experiencing an aromatic revolution.  Most essential oil lovers use diffusers to disperse the oils into the air, creating an aromatic paradise.  It’s not a bad idea to ask the question… Are Diffusers Bad For You? Great question.  The truth […]

What Essential Oils are Bad for Dogs?

If you love essential oils, but love your dog even more, then this is the article for you.  We just wrapped up National Dog Day, and now it’s time to extend our celebration all year long by keeping our furry friends safe. Want to find out what essential oils are bad for dogs? Read on! Don’t […]

You Can Now Shop Essential Oils by Benefit on Guru Nanda – The Five Mandalas

“What is that cool new symbol on your website?” That cool symbol is known as a Mandala.  Mandalas have appeared throughout history in different cultures with various interpretations.  However, there are a few characteristic interpretations that overlap across different cultures.  The Mandala is a symbol that represents: The Universe The Self Transcendent Wisdom It has been used […]

Which Essential Oil Helps Hair Growth?

Are you starting to lose a little more hair than you’d like? It’s shocking to find out that 2/3 of men begin to experience hair loss by age 35 while 40% of women suffer the same fate.  This article will tell you about the best essential oils for hair growth so that you can fight back! While many essential […]

The Best Natural Facial Cleanser is Made by You! Pamper Yourself, You Deserve It

Are you searching for the best natural facial cleanser? It might be closer than you think.  Have you ever tried using essential oils to create home-made beauty products? After reading this, you’ll be a pro.  Why Use Essential Oils? Here is an easy way to pamper your face with a luxurious at-home facial using natural […]


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