Top 51 Best Selling Essential Oils + Their Benefits

As you glance over GuruNanda’s essential oils, you’ll notice that the essential oils are sourced from all over the world. Each plant source was carefully selected based on where it thrives most. Plants are selected based on their heritage and reputation in an effort to distill only the purest and most powerful essential oils. GuruNanda […]

Are Essential Oils Bad for You? Get Informed

It’s Not That Simple As the essential oil trend continues to boom, so do worries about whether these highly concentrated plant extracts are bad for you. Many people are unaware that essential oils can be dangerous if abused or misused.  Generally speaking, essential oils are not bad for you. In fact, they can be extremely therapeutic if used correctly.  […]

What is Frankincense Essential Oil Used For? Therapeutic and Spiritual Frankincense Uses

Frankincense is supposedly the first thing that Jesus Christ smelled when he was born. According to the Bible, the three wise men who came bearing gifts upon Jesus’ birth brought Frankincense and Myrrh with them as an offering. It’s been known for its therapeutic and spiritual benefits. Today, we’ll tell you how to use it for […]


Are you wondering how to get rid of fleas in an all-natural way? Essential oils can help. If you have little dogs and/or cats would have had to figure out a way to get rid of fleas in their household. While we recommend consulting with your vet to get the best possible recommendation, today we’ll be talking about the […]

Top 13 Best Essential Oils for Beautiful, Healthy Hair

Is it safe to use essential oils in your hair? What are the health benefits or consequences? We’ll answer those questions and more in today’s guide. You’ll also get a special list of our favorite essential oils to use on your locks (14 of them!) and a few DIY recipes to help you get started on your own terms. […]

Which Essential Oil Helps Hair Growth?

Are you starting to lose a little more hair than you’d like? It’s shocking to find out that 2/3 of men begin to experience hair loss by age 35 while 40% of women suffer the same fate.  This article will tell you about the best essential oils for hair growth so that you can fight back! While many essential […]

Why Do We Celebrate Holi, and What are the Colors About?

Did you know that Holi is here? Holi is also known as “The Festival of Colors,” and what a fitting name! It’s a time to play with colors, celebrate life, and create new beginnings. It symbolizes the triumph of good over evil as well as the beginning of spring. In ancient times, Ayurvedic doctors made […]

Can You Use a Diffuser as a Humidifier?

Ever wonder if you could use a diffuser as a humidifier? Today, you’ll learn about the similarities and differences between a diffuser and humidifier. We’ll also explain how you can get both benefits in one so you can save and get the most out of your purchase.  Diffuser vs Humidifier – What’s the Difference? The […]

What Do Essential Oil Diffusers Do? A Comprehensive Guide to Understanding Diffusers

If you’re new to using essential oils, you’ve probably heard about diffusers and how wonderful they are to keep around the house. However, before you decide to throw essential oil in a diffuser, it’s important to understand how they’re going to affect your lungs. Today’s article will cover everything you need to know about how using essential oils […]


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