Sandalwood Essential Oil Benefits and Uses

When looking to source Sandalwood, a few farmers have shared their inside tips. The most important thing I have learned from these farmers is that the older a sandalwood tree is, the better its oil is considered. 

Sandalwood Essential Oil has some of the most diversified benefits and uses. With such wide-ranging properties, Sandalwood Essential Oil helps us tackle various mental and physical conditions.

What wouldn’t we give to achieve the calm and peace we are always craving? If only most of us knew that all it takes is a drop of Sandalwood Essential Oil to get it. But that’s not the only way this heavenly scented essential oil helps us.

What We Need to Know About Sandalwood Essential Oil

Sandalwood Essential Oil is extracted through a steam-distillation process from sandalwood trees that are as old as sixty to eighty years old. The older the tree, the better and purer the Sandalwood Oil. The Sandalwood tree is native to South Asia, Oceania, and the islands of the South Pacific. However, this tree grows extremely slow, which is why, Sandalwood Oil is so valuable.

Considering its unique and long lasting aroma, the wait and the price is worth every penny. Another insider fun fact that a farmer told me was that the aroma of sandalwood is one of the longest lasting aromas in comparison to other plant aromas available. 

Sandalwood essential oil has a powerful aroma, which is present due to the organic compund β-santalol. The other organic compound, α-santalol, is the reason why Sandalwood Oil is extremely therapeutic and offers healing, protection and similar sproperties.

Despite being found in large quantities in various countries, only the Indian sandalwood tree is considered the true and real sandalwood tree. The aroma of Sandalwood Essential Oil can only be described as creamy, woody, sweet and rich. But the only way to really experience this heavenly aroma is by trying it yourself.

History of Sandalwood Oil

For centuries, Sandalwood Essential Oil has been used as respectful and dignified essential oil for religious activities. In fact, people of Hindu faith remain one with it from birth till death. Every ritual, every ceremony and every event included Sandalwood Oil for one use or another. The use of sandalwood oil began as a tradition in India and other eastern countries. Even now, it is used for the birth of a baby, on weddings and even in death. The saying, “well begun is half done” is actually related to the use of beautifully fragrant sandalwood oil.

In Sanskrit, Sandalwood Oil is called Chandana, and for thousands of years, it had been used as a vital component of Ayurvedic medicines. This essential oil has been used to treat an array of emotional and physical ailments. According to Hindu mythology, the oil of Sandalwood was used to bathe gods of the Hindu religion. And one of the goddesses used to live inside the sandalwood tree.

Overtime, and with extensive usage of the Sandalwood Oil, some of its properties were discovered. These include:

  • Anti-Inflammatory
  • Antiseptic
  • Antispasmodic
  • Astringent
  • Anti-Phlogistic
  • Regenerating
  • Cicatrisant
  • Expectorant
  • Sedative
  • Emollient
  • Hypertensive
  • Tonic
  • Diuretic
  • Carminative
  • Disinfectant
  • Aphrodisiac

It is, indeed only the Indian Sandalwood Oil that is of the highest quality. However, other countries like Pakistan, Bangladesh, Sri Lanka, Indonesia, Hawaii and Australia also produce sandalwood oil.

Benefits of Sandalwood Essential Oil:

Sandalwood Oil Can Relax the Body

Sandalwood Essential Oil is a natural relaxant and sedative, allowing Sandalwood to act actively against spasms in nerves, blood vessels, and muscles by soothing down these parts of a human body. As a result, the body gets a reprieve from cramps, contraction, aches and coughs.

To achieve a state of relaxation, Sandalwood Essential Oil can be diffused in any GuruNanda Essential Oil Diffuser. However, we suggest adding a few drops of the Sandalwood oil to the GuruNanda HoneyComb Essential Oil Diffuser and to the GuruNanda Elegance Essential Oil Diffuser, both ideally shaped to carry the sweet woody aroma throughout your room.

In addition, Sandalwood Oil has relaxing properties that can soothe your nerves and calm you down instantly. This, combined with its sedative properties and peaceful aroma, works wonders to alleviate your stress and anxiety.

For a spa-like experience at home, add a few drops of Sandalwood Essential Oil to your diffuser and run it for 30 – 60 minutes.

Next, apply 2 drops of water on your face and place your face above a steaming bowl of water. After a while, you’ll feel clean and rejuvenated.

Lastly, use a few drops of Sandalwood Essential Oil and apply it on your hair for lustrous and healthy hair.

Sandalwood Essential Oil Can Prevent the Skin From Aging

One of the worst curses of getting older is having its signs show up on your face and skin. Chemicals, beauty products and other formulas often fail miserably when it comes to preventing the skin from aging, but fortunately for us, not sandalwood oil. Sandalwood essential oil has rich antioxidants that can help to soothe free-radicals in our body. These free-radicals are major offenders and promote aging.

All you need to do is take a regular, unscented face lotion and add five drops of Sandalwood Oil in it. Apply it daily and let the antioxidants in sandalwood fight aging for you.

Sandalwood Essential Oil Can Relieve Skin Infection

Sandalwood is anti-inflammatory in nature, which is why it is a life-saving thing to own in case of insect bites, irritation, infection and other skin conditions. A study conducted in 2014 discovered that  santalol present in Sandalwood Oil reduces the inflammation indicators in our body and provides us with relief.

There are many other health benefits of sandalwood oil that were brought forth because of its anti-inflammatory characteristics. An unbalanced digestive system, excretory system, circulatory system, nervous system, brain and circulatory system receives utmost relief from Sandalwood oil

Sandalwood To Help with Warts

According to a detailed study conducted by researchers, it was discovered that East Indian Sandalwood Essential Oil has a very positive effect on warts. Applying Sandalwood Oil on a blackened wart can cause the Wart to dry and fal off on its own. It was also discovered that after falling off, the wart usually does not return.  

Sandalwood Essential Oil is said to work as a successful wart remover because of its anti-inflammatory, anti-fungal, antiviral, and anti-bacterial characteristics.

Sandalwood Essential Oil Can Clear Mind

Mental clarity is essential if we want to live our lives happily and free of stress. And that’s how Sandalwood Oil helps us when we go to sleep every night, smelling its fragrance. A study conducted in 2006 revealed that sandalwood oil can clear the mind and improve alertness.

Sandalwood Essential Oil can Relieve Cough Symptoms

Constant coughing is a nuisance, and sometimes even an embarrassment. But with Sandalwood Essential Oil, you can put that worry to rest. As an expectorant, Sandalwood Oil soothes inflammation in throat and even fights viral infection. Moreover, it even treats the initial cause of coughing such as cold, mumps, flu and other illnesses.

To soothe cough, just use diluted Sandalwood Essential Oil for gargling. Clear your throat by letting the Sandalwood Oil fight the viruses, and soothe inflammation.

Sandalwood Essential Oil Soothes Dry and Weak Hair

Sandalwood Oil helps with dry and weak hair as well. It restores the shine in hair by moisturizing it deeply. For this, all you need to do is apply Sandalwood Essential Oil on wet or damp hair after washing your hair thoroughly and towel-drying it (optional).

You can even add a few drops of Sandalwood Essential Oil in your shampoo or conditioner and watch as your hair regains its health right before your eyes. Always be sure to dilute the Sandalwood Oil when using it to avoid irritation.

Sandalwood Essential Oil Uses for Skin

There are a large number of skin issues that essential oils can help with. Here are a few uses of Sandalwood Essential Oil:

Sandalwood Oil Can Soothe Blemishes And Scars

Sandalwood Oil can be an effective remedy for skin blemishes and be able to soothe skin inflammations. All you need to do is mix Sandalwood Oil with coconut oil and massage your face gently, leave the mask overnight, and then wash it in the morning. Repeat the process daily, and the scars will begin to fade over time.

Sandalwood Oil Uses for Dry Patches

Flaky skin is deprived of moisture. To soothe dry and flaky skin, make your own face pack at home. For that you’ll need:

Mix all of the above mentioned ingredients in a bowl and use your fingers to apply it on your face. Wash with cold water after 20 minutes. Do it every day and you will notice the dry patches slowly disappear.

Sandalwood Oil Can Reduce Wrinkles

In addition to reversing aging effects, Sandalwood Oil also helps with wrinkles. A simple massage of Sandalwood Oil mixed with Almond Oil or Coconut Oil to your face can help tighten and rejuvenate skin.

Sandalwood Can Aid Sleep

Sandalwood Essential Oil is a potent sleep aid and can help people with sleep issues. The two organic compounds and the active ingredients in Sandalwood Oil, alpha-santalol and beta-santalol, focus their sedative properties on the nervous system. As a result, people who have trouble sleeping can use Sandalwood Oil to calm the body down for a deep sleep.  

Correct Usage of Sandalwood Essential Oil:

Topical Uses – Sandalwood Essential Oil can be applied topically on skin but not before doing a patch test and waiting at least 24-hours to confirm safety. Sandalwood Oil can also be used in a bath tub – just pour a few drops in the water tub right before you take a nice bath.

Aromatic Uses – Sandalwood Essential Oil is one of the most apt essential oils to use for aroma therapy considering its unique aroma and specific health benefits. A few drops can be added to a GuruNanda Essential Oil Diffuser such as the Honeycomb Diffuser or the Elegance Diffuser  to enjoy the benefits of this essential oil throughout any room or space.  Depending on how strong you like the aroma to be, you can choose to either increase or decrease the number of drops you add to your diffuser. Make sure you do not exceed the red line, however. 

Compress – Add a few drops of Sandalwood essential oil in hot water and soak a clean cloth in it. Use this cloth as a wrap and compressor on bruises, wounds and muscular pains for relief.

Does Sandalwood Essential Oil have Side Effect?

While there are no major side effects of sandalwood oil, caution is still necessary. Before you make the use of Sandalwood Oil a permanent part of your life, make sure you are aware of these:

  • Sandalwood Essential oil is not meant for internal use. Please take extreme caution before trying to ingest any essential oil.
  • Children, nursing mothers, heart patients, and those suffering from liver and kidney diseases can suffer from the use of Sandalwood Oil internally.
  • Some people can react badly to Sandalwood Oil when applying it directly to skin. It may cause irritation and redness. It is best if the Sandalwood Oil is tested on a small patch of the skin first.
  • Even though Sandalwood Essential Oil is non-inflammatory, it can cause dermatitis in people with sensitive people.

Where to buy 100% Pure Sandalwood Essential Oil?

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