Q & A with a Certified Aromatherapist – Best Essential Oils for the Face

Have you ever asked yourself, “What are the best essential oils for the face?”

This is a great question, and we’re going to go into detail about the topic in our exclusive Q&A. 

To give you the most reliable information, our in-house aromatherapist, Zoe Blackman will answer all of your most burning questions about aromatherapy.

Q: Is it dangerous to use essential oils on your face?

A: Not if they are used correctly.

Some essential oils have some amazing benefits for your skin. The important thing to remember when applying essential oils to your face is that the skin on your face is more sensitive and thinner than other parts of your body. You want to make sure that you’re using the right oils in a safe dilution. 

Q: Can Essential Oils Cause Dry or Sensitive Skin?

A: Some essential oils may.

There are certain oils that are irritating to skin that you definitely don’t want to use. These oils are:

  • Bergamot: phototoxic at 1 drop per ounce
  • Lemongrass: may irritate skin membranes at 0.7% dilution
  • Grapefruit: phototoxic at 24 drops per ounce, want to use in low dilutions, can be irritating to sensitive, dry or broken skin, like in the bath
  • Lemon: phototoxic at 12 drops per ounce, may cause skin irritation because it is acidic – most citruses are like this.
  • Orange: may cause skin irritation, want to use at very small dilutions, really not necessary to use on skin or in baths
  • Ylang Ylang: can be skin irritating use in low dilutions
  • Cardamom: may cause dry skiing used often, use in low dilution, can cause skin irritation if not diluted bc it’s hot and spicy!
  • Clove: limit the topical application to a maximum of 0.5% because it can be skin irrupting or sensitizing
  • Ginger: can be irritating if you have sensitive skin
  • Melissa: may be irritating to those with sensitive skin
  • Nutmeg: considered safe for skin in low dilutions
  • Tea Tree: use in lower dilutions or with a carrier oil for sensitive skin
  • Peppermint: may cause skin irritation, use at a dilution of 1-2% to be safe
  • Jasmine: may cause an allergic reaction to people with fragrance-sensitive dermatitis
  • Neroli is safe for skin, but you want to make sure you trust the company you purchase it from. If solvents are used to dilute the Neroli oil, you want to make sure they are safe for skin or removed.

Q: How much carrier oil should I use with essential oil for my face? 

A: The best dilution for your face, to stay safe, is to stick to 1% which is 5-6 drops of essential oil per ounce of carrier oil.

Q: Which essential oils are cleansing and moisturizing?

A: There are several cleansing and moisturizing essentials. Here are a few:

    • Tea Tree Oil

    • Sandalwood

    • Ylang Ylang:

    • RoseStimulates keratinocyte differentiation and reinforces skin barrier function

    • Roman Chamomile: Great for irritated and dry skin
    • Geranium: Balances sebum production to help skin release oil needed to stay hydrated and healthy

    • Jasmine: Excellent for dry and aged complexions

    • Patchouli: Perfect for abscesses, acne, chapped skin, and cracked skin

  • Frankincense: Great for aging spots and other skin conditions

Q: Can you use essential oils to get rid of age spots?

A: Yes!

As a case study for my certification, I created a blend for my grandmother to help get rid of age spots. I used Frankincense, Lemon and Palmarosa. Just make sure your skin is ok with the lemon oil and that you’re using it in the lowest dilutions.

Q: Can you use essential oils to make a face mask?

A: Yes!

My favorite. My two favorite masks are: Acne Fighter: Bentonite Clay, Witchhazel, Water, Tea Tree and Lemon. For Moisture: Bentonite Clay, water, rose, lavender and geranium. Just 1-2 drops of each oil.

Q: What kind of skincare routine would you recommend?

A: It depends.

It depends on the person but I’m always available at if people have specific questions or individual concerns they want help addressing!

Or just ask away in the comments below! 

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