Aromatherapy Starter Kit

(14 customer reviews)


Aromatherapy Starter Kit


(14 customer reviews)

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Top 6 Blends Set of 6 Essential Oil Synergy Blends with Honeycomb Diffuser

Simply beautiful, the Honeycomb Essential Oil Diffuser offers you the opportunity to experience nature at home. It is compact, easy to use, and one of the easiest ways to get started with aromatherapy. Honeycomb cycles through 7 different colors, providing a soothing, ambient light. It is also equipped with an automatic shut-off feature as well as overheating protection. Enjoy the essence of essential oils in this extremely popular diffuser.

Modes of Operation:

1st Button Press: Continuous Mist + Color-Changing Lights

2nd Button Press: Continuous Mist + Turn Off Lights

3rd Button Press: Intermittent Mist

Power Supply:

Wall Outlet

Special Features:

U/L Certified


Quiet Operation

Does Not Use Heat

Water Capacity:

90 ml


Honeycomb Essential Oil Diffuser

U/L Certified Power Adapter

Breathe Easy

Calming Sleep






Overheating Protection


Standard Wall Plug

Start enjoying your Honeycomb Diffuser immediately with the 6 most popular essential oil blends among essential oil lovers.


Enjoy Breathe Easy, which combines Eucalyptus, Peppermint, Basil, Tea Tree, and Rosemary Essential Oils.

Calming Sleep Essential Oil Blend contains Lavender, Marjoram, and Chamomile Essential Oils.

Tranquility Essential Oil Blend is easily recognized due to its balanced aromas of Spearmint, Cedarwood & Patchouli Essential Oils.

Thrive Essential Oil Blend contains Clove, Lemon, Cinnamon, Eucalyptus, and Rosemary Essential Oils.

Harmony Essential Oil Blend contains Grapefruit, Lemon, Bergamot, and Lemongrass Essential Oils.

Relaxation Essential Oil Blend combines Lavender, Lavandin, Orange, Grapefruit, Eucalyptus, and Basil Essential Oils.

How to Use




  1. Remove the lid and simply fill with water until slightly below the line, then add a few drops of your favorite GuruNanda Essential Oil blends.
  2. Place the lid back on the diffuser.
  3. Press the power button once for continuous mode. (Mist lasts up to 3.5 hours)
  4. Press the power button a second time to maintain continuous mode and turn off the color-changing lights. (Mist lasts up to 3.5 hours)
  5. Press the power button a third time for intermittent mode. (Mist lasts up to 7 hours)
  6. Press the power button a fourth time to shut it off.


To ensure the diffuser works properly, we recommend cleaning the diffuser between changing oils or every 3 days.

Disconnect the diffuser unit from the power source before cleaning.

Use a cloth to clean exterior part of the unit with water.

Use a cotton swab or cloth to clean the water tank.

Keep water from entering the vent.

Do not use detergents, solvents or abrasive agents to clean the diffuser unit.

Use the diffuser unit on a dry and even surface.

How it Works:

The ultrasonic diffuser creates vibrations that are carried to the surface where oil is floating.

The oil floating on the top of the water gets broken down, and then diffused into the air, filling the surrounding space.

The silent ultrasonic technology used in this diffuser will fill your environment with the stimulating effects of pure essential oils.

Additional information

Weight1.85 lbs

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14 reviews for Aromatherapy Starter Kit

  1. Jane O.

    Pleasantly surprised at the ease, certainly enjoy the aroma, and love the safety features on this product. It turns off when it’s done!

  2. Jacqueline T.

    I love it it is so mine soothing are refreshing was a great investment will get more

  3. Sally V.

    Love it!!!! The oils smell so good and the diffuser is so cute! Totally worth it!

  4. Diane S.

    I love diffusers but this doesn’t seem to have a lot of power to get the scent out into the room

  5. Melisa P.

    Wow.. oh wow. I’m so happy I found this. Its worth more than I paid for it. I will certainly buy one as a gift for my mom. My whole family loves it. It’s so easy to use, the oils were well packaged and also the diffuser. I’m inlove. Great choice…honestly

  6. Cindy M.

    I used to use Young Living and Doterra Oils but they are so expensive so I decided to do some research. I wanted to find oils that were more affordable with the same quality that are not filled with synthetic ingredients. I have tried so many different brands and then I found GuruNanda. I am so impressed with the quality and the price. This is now my go to essential oil brand and won’t use anything else! The oils smell amazing and are 100% Pure. Highly recommend.

  7. Crystal S.

    So happy I got this set on Black Friday. Great oils and new diffuser..I’m pretty sure I’ve already used them at least once. Super quick shipping also!

  8. Gina R.

    Was for a gift ?
    A wonderful gift my niece said
    She loves all of them!!!

  9. Bridget V.

    I bought one each for my mother and sister before I discovered this website. They LOVE them, and I’ve ordered several more products. The honeycomb diffuser is nice to look at, unobtrusive, and works like a champ

  10. Teresa S.

    I love the size and selection of oils. I use it every night on my night stand. I will buy more oils from you. Thanks.

    Teresa Smith

  11. Daniella V.

    The oils came in exceptional condition and the magnetic case is so practical! I love the blends in this set! Perfect for essential oil lovers not wanting to break the bank! I highly recommended this as a birthday present for a loved one! Thank you Gurunanda!

  12. Xewa

    It was bad. It made by teeth hurt and feel loose.

  13. Steve P.

    best scents that I have tried

  14. Kelly C.

    Love GuruNanda oils and my diffusers. They are wonderful.