Sweet Almond Oil – Aromatherapy and Massage Carrier Oil

(26 customer reviews)


Sweet Almond Oil – Aromatherapy and Massage Carrier Oil


(26 customer reviews)

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Primary Benefits:

  • Rich source of Vitamin A, B1, B2, B6, D, and E.
  • Excellent Carrier Oil for Massage and Aromatherapy
  • Protecting and Skin Softening
  • Aids Weight Loss Plans
  • Nourishing
  • Skin and Hair Benefits
  • Hair Loss Relief
  • Made with Sweet Almonds

GuruNanda Sweet Almond Carrier Oil for Aromatherapy is cold pressed from the sweet almond nut, and yields a wide variety of health benefits. When added to shampoo or directly to your scalp, it can create healthier, more radiant and youthful looking hair. Sweet Almond Oil has been known to support healthy skin because it is able to absorb into the skin much slower than other oils, providing longer, more complete assistance for skin concerns.

Botanical Name: Prunus amygdalus dulcis


No synthetics or additives, and always Non-GMO!

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Directions For Use:

Carrier oil: Use 1 ounce of carrier oil with 5-6 drops of essential oil for safe dilutions. This is considered a 1% dilution rate and is equivalent to several hundred drops of almond oil. You may increase your dilution rate depending on your use.

Note: For Topical Use Only.

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26 reviews for Sweet Almond Oil – Aromatherapy and Massage Carrier Oil

  1. Maria R.

    Great oil!

  2. Patrice W.

    It’s nice to have a choice of carrier oil.

  3. Lisa R.

    Loved it

  4. Lisa R.

    Loved it

  5. Cynthia S.

    Sweet Almond Oil
    I bought the sweet almond oil, because it is suggested to combine the essential oils with a carrier oil. I find Sweet almond oil a good carrier.and because its’ scent is neutral. I get the full aromatic effect of my selected oil. My favorite is frankincense. It is also good to massage on my feet, leaving a nice moisturizing effect.

  6. Lisa R.

    I wondered
    Now I know how to use this with my oils & I really like it!Awesome!

  7. Maricel V.

    I was expecting an almond scent but it doesn’t have..but feels nice..

  8. Cecilia G.

    Good oil
    I added frankincense into this carrier oil and itג€™s workung good on me. Worth buying for.

  9. Bill H.

    Works good

  10. August M.

    Sweet Almond Oil
    I have a skin problem and applying this to the problem area has made my skin feel really good.Will order more when needed.

  11. Christina N.

    Great Quality
    I’ve been using GuruNanda essential oils since Christmas and love the great quality and lasting aromas. I feel more relaxed and can certainly tell I’m sleeping better with the Himalayan Lavender diffusing in the bedroom. Great products…I’ll be back for more!

  12. Casie K.

    Sweet Almond Oil
    Used the Sweet Almond Oil yesterday to make hand soap and I love the feel of it. Definitely going to have to purchase more so I can make some for my family.

  13. Jay N.

    3 oils
    Thanks , all arrived and nice products .

  14. Erin H.

    Perfect Carrier Oil
    This sweet almond oil is the perfect carrier oil. I love that it is unscented so the aromas of the essential oils can truly take over. Works great with massage as well.

  15. Edwina G.

    Another Gurunanda Victory
    Great quality oil made affordable by gravid Gurunanda company! Many thanks for your products!

  16. Diane

    Is this good for cooking?
    Can I cook with your Almond oil? Its the best I have yet to see in the market.

  17. Blythe D.

    I’m still very new to oils but so far am loving this brand!!

  18. Lisa K.

    Sweet almond oil
    Love this product and the price! Wouldnג€™t order it anywhere else!!

  19. Leslee R.

    Almond oil
    I have acne prone aging skin and this is my perfect moisturizer. I love it. It’s silky smooth and absorbs quick.

  20. Jen

    This carrier oil is odorless which I like. I am already adding essential oils that have a scent, I don’t want the carrier to have a scent.