Natural Mist™ Pluggy – USB Wall Plug-In Diffuser

(279 customer reviews)


Natural Mist™ Pluggy – USB Wall Plug-In Diffuser


(279 customer reviews)

Watch this to learn more about the Natural Mist Plug-In and Guru Nanda’s Essential Oils

If you purchase this product you will earn 14-119 Points worth $0.70-$5.95!
If you purchase this product you will earn 14-119 Points worth $0.70-$5.95!


Natural Mist™ Pluggy 

Fit it, plug it, and mist it. The Natural Mist aka “The Pluggy” is a portable diffuser that’s ideal for dispersing essential oils in the home, office or car. Experience nature at home just by pressing a button. No water needed!

Power Supply:

USB / Wall Outlet

Special Features:

Waterless – Portable – Wickless

Modes of Operation:

1st Button Press: Intermittent (Mist every 10 minutes)
2nd Button Press: Intermittent (Mist every 20 minutes)


– Natural Mist

– USB Connection

– Wall Socket Adapter


Overheating Protection + Auto Shut Off



– Standard Wall Plug


  1. Remove the plastic dripper plug from your essential oil of choice.
  2. Screw the essential oil bottle into the top of the diffuser.
  3. Plug it into a USB port or use the wall socket adapter to plug into a wall outlet.
  4. Press the button once to diffuse once every 10 minutes.
  5. Press the button a second time to diffuse once every 20 minutes.

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White (1 Count), White (4 Count), White (8 Count), Black (1 Count), Black (4 Count), Black (8 Count)

(279 Reviews)
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279 reviews for Natural Mist™ Pluggy – USB Wall Plug-In Diffuser

  1. Anne D.

    Itג€™s Great
    I like this so much more than a diffuser. When it sprays out the smell travels throughout the house. Diffusers that use water you canג€™t smell and itג€™s messy. Try it I know you will like it

  2. Donna L.

    Love it!
    This little diffuser packs a big punch! I love that I can just screw in a bottle of EO and go, no mixing or worrying about running out of water; just continuous little puffs of goodness ever 10 or 20 minutes (your choice).

  3. Shari M.

    USB Plug In Diffuser
    I think this is a wonderful product; though I tried using it in my car and it had a difficult time staying upright in the USB outlet and unfortunately leaked. The oil then eroded the USB adapter in my cigarette lighter. (Bamboo Fragrance) so I have now moved it inside and using in an outlet, which seems to have a little more stability.

  4. Kim B.

    Love these no fuss no muss, screw a bottle on and forget it, no watering down, just pure oilג€‹ mist.

  5. Irene H.

    Air Sprayer
    Love this item. It makes the room smell great. Would get another one for sure.

  6. spitzer_n

    love it
    i love this little thing it is perfect for my car. it really does get the whole room smelling nice but it does through the oil quicker.

  7. Karen G.

    Love, love, love.
    I bought one and love it. I have used in my car, my home and at work Easy to take you favorite EO with you. This product is a must!!

  8. Virginia G.

    Finally aromatherapy that works. I plugged it by the front door and it is a welcoming smell when you walk in. I will definitively be buying more.

  9. Jesse F.

    I love the oils and all they have to offer.

  10. Cindy T.

    This is awesome!
    I placed it in my car and it smells great every time I get in!

  11. Damien W.

    Oh my gosh this makes my house smell and feel amazing

  12. Nicole j.

    Life changing!
    I LOVE not having to mess with the water diffusers anymore! This thing is the absolute best! My only complaints would be that you have to remove the oil dropper cap from the bottle every time you put a new one on and the oil dries on the screen if you leave it off for too long. But those are very small annoyances for what this thing gives. I love it!

  13. Laura T.

    Really works and all natural!
    I wanted a plug-in diffuser without the artificial ingredients so I did a lot of research and found the Gurunanda essential oil diffuser. It puts out a fine mist of oil every 10 or 20 minutes depending on how you set it. You get a burst of smell when it mists but a residual nice smell in between. I chose Thrive which smells too much like cloves for me so will choose something different next. But I really love the diffuser!

  14. Olivia F.

    Love my Gurunanda
    Wow thank you Gurunanda for making such amazing products, I always have enjoyed and loved diffusers but ever since I had purchased the tower diffuser a long time ago I have not gone back and bought any other. Thank you and my Pluggy is simply amazing. Nothing like it out there and wow your customer support is simply amazing. Thank you.

  15. Joyce W.

    Plug in diffuser
    Iג€™m really thrilled so far with this product I canג€™t tolerate the fake fragrances out there and have been using my diffusers and essential oils for years now but coming home to a room smelling great lifts my soul! Really nice

  16. Camille M.

    Love the idea of your diffuser, getting rid of all my other plug ins!
    I purchased three because I thought this design was so ingenious!!. Iג€™m currently only using one and the weight of the oil bottle sometimes makes the plug pull away from the outlet thus stopping the mist working. I have always been able to get it functioning again but itג€™s sometimes a bit wonky! Having said that I have faith they will all continue to work as described. I found your brand of oils in a box set at Samג€™s club which totally surprised me, came with a nice wooden storage box and a travel case with six of your oils, very nice!!

  17. Luz C.

    Good product, works perfectly, I use the plugin in the kitchen with lemongrass oil, I lovey

  18. Dolly O.

    Plug In Diffuser
    Highly reccomend

  19. Daphne S.

    Brilliant little gem!
    I use my new Pluggy every night with lavender to relax. I am hooked. Please, please offer this lititle gem in more color options. Thank you!

  20. Elaine T.

    Love my Pluggy
    Pluggy is a great product! Love it, so easy to use & my kitchen has a fresh aroma. Will buy another!