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The Science of Yogic Breathing

You may have started your own yoga practice, but do you understand why breathing is so important in yoga? And what about the amazing benefits you can derive from just a few exercises every day? Learn the Science Behind Yogic Breathing with Guru Nanda. Just click on the video to your right.

Yoga Breathing Tutorials



Ohm Breath

The sound of the universe at your breath. Try this short meditation with Guru Nanda.


Breath of Fire

The Kapalabhati Pranayama allows you to take control of your anxiety and fear. You can now improve the quality of your breath, breathing longer and deeper with this short exercise.


Bellows Breath

Feel nature at full force with Bellows Breath. You can follow our Guru, Puneet Nanda, as he takes you through the steps of this Bhastrika Pranayama.


Bee Breath

Starting yrru day with this breath work exercise is a great way to energize yourself and get you in the right mindset for the rest of the day.


Alternate Nostril Breathing

Be sure to follow Guru's tips as he shares his anuloma viloma practice with you.



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