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You may have started your own yoga practice, but do you understand why breathing is so important in yoga? And what about the amazing benefits you can derive from just a few exercises every day? Learn the Science Behind Yogic Breathing with Guru Nanda. Just click on the video to your right.

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GuruNanda’s Happy Breath Yoga: Wall Street Yoga

The first in GuruNanda’s Happy Breath Yoga book series

Who this books is for?

  • Anyone who feels overwhelmed by everyday tasks AND sometimes just loses sight of how days are really going.
  • Any freelance creative juggling many assignments at once to meet the rapid-fire deadlines of large businesses AND trying to pay the bills on time.
  • Any entrepreneur who has to keep his employees happy, constantly re-innovate, and increase profits to feed the family, and make executive-level decisions
  • Any stay-at-home parent, trying to organize your family’s schedule AND maintain harmony in the family
  • Any celebrity struggling to make a mark in the cut-throat competitive industry, endlessly working to hone your craft AND prove your worth
  • If you are a college student trying to manage your studies AND a part-time job just to pay off your student loans
  • For anyone trying to keep up with the hectic demands of everyday living, this books teaches you how to take control of your life. If you find yourself caught up in the rapid pace and complexity of the modern lifestyle, trying to get through the day, week, month or year, this book will help you see the bigger picture and find meaning in some of the mindless tasks we perform.
  • If you identity with any of these statements, you’ll want to read GuruNanda’s Happy Breath Yoga book, “Wall Street Yoga”.


  • Try these simple meditation techniques and practice them regularly. By following these simple technique, you can significantly reduce stress, perform better, and strengthen your interpersonal relationships.
  • In this book, you will learn how to incorporate simple yogic breathing to your lifestyle and finally find that evasive inner peace all the yogi’s are always talking about.
  • Read simple, practical tips to relax, increase productivity, improve your lifestyle, and live a rewarding life.
  • And the best part?
  • It’s free.
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Wall Street Yoga

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