New Year, New You – Change Your Life with Essential Oils

2018 is in the books now, and 2019 is YOUR year. 

Are you ready to embrace it? 

Many of us get inspired to do something revolutionary with our lives in the new year, but few of us ever end up going through with our resolutions. In fact, research shows us that most people fail their new year’s resolutions by the second week of February!


That’s the question everyone can ask themselves. Here’s a quote from renowned life coach Tony Robbins. 

“What most people call ‘resolutions’ are really just desires or fun things they wish would happen. The majority of people aren’t actually resolving anything within themselves.

If you want to be a part of the few that do versus the many that talk, you need to be crystal clear— what specific result will you accomplish? What’s your WHY (reasons come first, answers come second)? How will you do it? What tools, strategies, or resources do you need to make it happen?”

Let’s end the cycle and put more effort into figuring out our “why.” 

Keep Your “Why” in Mind 

Once you’ve figured out your “why,” it’s time to take action! 

For many Americans, losing weight and becoming fit will be their go-to new year’s resolution. However, going beyond the weight loss, consider the ultimate purpose of getting fit. Is it so that you can like what you see in the mirror more? Is it so that you can attract a future partner? Is it so you can play soccer with your grandkids one day? 

Focus on that in order to light up your motivation for times to come. Everyone who has a new year’s resolution will reach a point where they are tested by life’s challenges and obstacles so much that they wish to throw in the towel. Remember the ultimate purpose of what you are doing regularly so as to associate your struggle with achieving the desired end goal. 

Once your purpose is clear, always take action. Research shows that people are more likely to achieve a goal if they break the goal up into smaller, measurable tasks in the beginning. Once you’re getting closer to your specific end goal (For example, lose 20 lbs by March 1st) you can focus on the goal itself to help pull you through to success.

Invest in Yourself

They say there is no greater investment than investing in yourself. Whether that means buying books, attending a seminar or traveling the world, investing in yourself can help you transform into the person you wish to become. 

GuruNanda has created a New Year, New You package to celebrate an exciting and promising 2019. If your goal is weight loss, this package was made for you. 

It comes with 6 bottles of the Slim Essential Oil Blend, which is a carefully crafted essential oil blend designed to help boost metabolism, manage appetite and craving, and lift one’s mood. The therapeutic properties of Slim can help you reach your weight loss goals faster.

The included Rain Drop Diffuser is a one-of-a-kind diffuser with a modern, sleek appearance for any setting. Not only will you beautify your space, but you’ll also create an aromatic paradise that you can experience just by breathing.

Please remember that the New Year, New You Package is like an accountability buddy, but nobody is in control of you except for you! So make sure you eat healthy foods and exercise regularly to dramatically improve your results.

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