DIY Hand Soap With Essential Oil Blend – 6 Easy Steps

This DIY hand soap is a huge hit!

Ever since we made the DIY hand soap at our office, we’re hooked. The refreshingly therapeutic soap has a calming touch and refreshing scent like no other. The name brand soap at our office has been neglected ever since.

Surprisingly, it was super easy to make! If we can do it, you can too. Follow the directions below to make the exact same DIY hand soap that we’re currently enjoying. You can make it with nothing but natural ingredients.

Thrive Essential Oil Blend DIY Handsoap Ingredients



  1. Remove the pump lid from the foaming hand soap dispenser.
  2. Pour the unscented Castile soap, Sweet Almond Oil, and Essential Oils into the foaming hand soap dispenser.
  3. Pour distilled water to fill the foaming hand soap dispenser.
  4. Replace the pump lid and shake the foaming hand soap dispenser.
  5. Dispense soap as needed.
  6. Wash, and enjoy the pleasant scent and therapeutic benefits!

3 Bonus DIY Handsoap Recipes!

You can switch out the essential oil for a variety of fragrant handsoaps. Use the same ingredients aside from the essential oil, and switch it out for:

1. Lavender Essential Oil 

Lavender Essential Oil DIY HANdsoap

Lavender can provide you with a naturally calming, floral scent, keeping the family clean and relaxed.

2. Lemon Essential Oil 

Lemon Essential Oil Handsoap DIY

Lemon has a citrusy, tangy scent that can keep germs at bay. 

3. Cinnamon Essential Oil  

Essential Oil DIY Handsoap Cinnamon

Create one of the more unique DIY handsoaps using Cinnamon for a sweet, woody, Christmas-like aroma. 

Try It Today!

There’s nothing like the feeling you get when you know every single ingredient in your soap because you made it! Rather than grabbing a chemical-laden commercial soap, try making your own 100% pure and natural DIY Hand Soap. 

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