How To Use Essential Oils For Romance

Nature has gifted us with plant-extracts called essential oils that you can now use to your advantage for a night of romance and love.

Setting the Stage for Romance

Here are some ways to help you enjoy your essential oils and your night. Be it a romantic bath or a soothing massage, these tips will help you in this journey towards self-realization and set the stage for an enriching and satisfying relationship.

Setting The Stage For Romance

Creating The Right Ambiance 

Preparing your space carefully can help ensure a peaceful and romantic evening or afternoon, one that is certainly not to be forgotten for some time to come. Fill your essential oil diffuser with water and add 10 drops of essential oils.

Preparing A Romantic Bath 

A soothing bath is a perfect prelude to your date. Fill the bath with warm water, add ¼ cup of Epsom salt with up to 10 drops of your desired essential oils. Enjoy the ambiance and bathe!

A Romantic Massage Blend

Massage is a gift of intimacy that will help to enhance communication, love, and care. It’s the perfect time to listen carefully to the needs and wishes of your partner. Mix 1 Tablespoon of carrier oil with up to 4 drops of essential oils. Apply small amounts of the blend to the areas of the body you want to work and enjoy.

How Essential Oils Work:

Essential oils can affect your mood, emotional well-being, and desires. The use of essential oils can help enhance self-confidence, radiate vibrancy and increase sensitivity. Some essential oils can be stimulants others aphrodisiacs and sedative. Their scents stimulate the mood and psyche creating erotic sensations and awakening desire.

Essential Oils for Romance:

The GuruNanda Romance blend is the ideal essential oil for a day of love and romance. This unique essential oil blend contains some of the rarest floral essential oils in the world including Ylang-Ylang, Bulgarian Rose, and Jasmine Essential Oils.

Lavender essential oil has a soothing fragrance that can set the mood for passion and relaxation. The aroma is easily recognizable by its perfectly balanced, floral-herbaceous aroma. The healing qualities of Lavender help wash away emotional conflict and fill you with newfound confidence.

Bulgarian Rose Exotic Essential Oil has a beautiful aroma that encourages feelings of positive self-reflection. It’s a powerful aphrodisiac that eliminates any painful feelings while making you feel warmer and more intimate.

Jasmine Exotic Essential Oil has a powerful effect on the senses and a rich, emotionally warming aroma which helps elevate your sexual awareness to new levels. The sweet, floral aroma of Jasmine relaxes the mind and helps boost self-confidence. It will soothe your anxiety, make you feel calm, and make both you and your partner more seductive. Natural remedy for improving mood, overcoming stress and balancing hormones.

Patchouli essential oil has a sensual, suggestive aroma that reaches deep into your emotions and helps decrease inhibition to instill a sense of freedom. This oil can create an entirely different mood depending on how you use it. A small amount will have a sedative-like effect, while larger amounts will do the exact opposite and stimulate your senses.

Harmony essential oil blend can help you tap into your vital life energy and guide you to your spiritual and emotional center. This essential oil blend consist of grapefruit , lemon, bergamot, and lemongrass to help you move closer to harmonious goal. These oils provide a calming and soothing aroma that will help stimulate your emotional fortitude.

Sandalwood essential oil has a soft, woodsy aroma which is sensual and romantic. This oil can be used in everyday life to calm and relax the mind and has been shown to be very beneficial to the skin.

If you want more options, our Valentines Day Gift Guide has everything you need to enhance your special day! 

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