How Do You Use a Diffuser? 3 Practical Tips

Using a diffuser is one of the coolest ways to enjoy essential oils.
If you’re new to essential oils and diffusers, you might be wondering, “How do you use a diffuser?
The most popular type of diffuser (and our personal favorite) is the ultrasonic diffuser.

How to Use an Essential Oil Diffuser

Choose a Spot

Many people prefer to have their diffuser by their bedside (myself included).
Choose a spot that works for you, and try not to move it around too often.
If you choose a spot that is made of wood, be sure to place a towel or cloth on the surface. For optimal results, avoid placing it in direct sunlight.
Dew Drop Diffuser

Add Water (If Applicable)

Most diffusers use water. However, check to make sure your diffuser is not waterless before you start pouring it in. This is a general guide, and the instructions of each specific diffuser should be followed for best results.
Now that you’ve chosen your spot and checked to see if it requires water or not, simply fill the tank of the diffuser with water until it reaches slightly below the max. line.
Remember, for best results, do not fill water past the max. line.

Add Essential Oils

Each diffuser might require a different amount of essential oil drops to get the desired effects.
For diffusers that have between 100-250 ml, 5-10 drops of essential oil usually do the trick.
For Essential Oils that are above 250 ml, you may wish to add 10-15 drops.
If you have our Tower XL, which is a 2-liter essential oil diffuser, you may wish to add 15-25 drops depending on how much water you are using.
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tower xl
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