Helichrysum Essential Oil Benefits and Uses

Helichrysum Essential Oil Benefits and Uses

Helichrysum essential oil is a very good herbal oil which has cool soothing feel and renowned effects when applied to the skin. It is extracted from Helichrysum flowers; this flower is a member of the plant family called Asteraceae and it grows as a native plant in the Mediterranean region. This grass is a perennial plant with botanical name as Helichrysum italicum; the name Helichrysum comes from the Greek word helios, that translates as sun, and chrysos, which means gold, these words are combined because of the golden yellow flower on this plant.

What Is Helichrysum Oil Used For?

Helichrysum oil possesses a lot of benefits that have been looked at as the immortality plant because of its significance in medicine and cultural practices as an anti-aging ointment. The Helichrysum oil benefits can be mentioned continuously as modern research reveals more abilities of this oil. Now, let us look at some of the benefits that are currently available to our knowledge and the impacts from the good usage of this essential oil.

1. Improves skin health.

This essential oil contains component ingredients that fights germs on the skin and hydrate the skin to stay smooth and soft. It will prevent skin infections with regular use. Helichrysum oil for scars is one of the many recipes of the Helichrysum essential oil that is used to clear skin spots, rashes from sweat, blemishes and other skin infections. It will treat pimples, acne, eczema, etc and fade every kind of stretch mark away and leave the skin naturally clean.

2. Eases natural digestion.

This is a very good diuretic agent that has been used for long ages to prevent bloating and many other problems associated with digestion. 

It can be taken in form of tea, oil capsules, droplets and many other forms with respect to the destination of the problem and the intensity of the required dosage.

3. Smoother breathing.

This essential oil has been recommended for recipes with most other oils to heal problems related to respiration. One of the important Helichrysum essential oil uses is in the area of inducing good antioxidants. Helichrysum oil causes faster breath rates because of its sweet scent, increasing body temperature, and increasing the oxygen in the blood cells.

4. Relaxation.

Helichrysum essential oil helps to introduce sedative signals through its sweet fragrance and the relaxing feeling around the body. It has been noticed to reduce heartbeat rates and allow for good relaxation in persons with sleep issues. The pleasures of sleeping are quickly becoming a forgotten feeling for most people and this can be caused by their daily encounters and activities or even the things they think about often. 

5. Effects on Bacteria.

With the condition of our present environment lacking the presence of good vegetation to filter the air and reduce the free radical contents, we are very much exposed to infections of different kinds, but the use of helichrysum oil in different exposed areas of the body can help reduce bacteria and fungi. 

6. Massage ointment.

Helichrysum oil is mixed in many recipe with carrier oils to produce good massage oil and it is one of the few essential oils with no escalated side effect. It helps to relax muscles easily and induce energizing action.

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