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Guru Nanda Light Globe Diffuser + Top 6 Blends

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The Guru Nanda Light Globe Diffuser uses ultrasonic technology to fill your favorite space with natural, therapeutic fragrance. This bundle includes the Top 6 most Popular Essential Oil Blends from Guru Nanda.
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GuruNanda Globe™ Diffuser is a large room diffuser with a 230 ml water tank, which means it can diffuse for up to 18 hours in a room and as far as 250 feet away in the intermittent mode! It includes an auto-shut off safety feature for safety and satisfaction, flashing LED lights and a premium ultrasonic technology to diffuse your choice of 100% pure essential oil or essential oil blend without generating heat so that the quality of the oil properties is neither damaged nor compromised. Simply fill with distilled water and add a few drops of one of your favorite GuruNanda Essential Oils. The ultrasonic diffuser creates vibrations that are carried to the surface where oil is floating. The oil floating on the top of the water gets broken down, and then diffused into the air, filling the surrounding space with a purifying aroma. This pack also includes Guru Nanda's Top 6 Essential Oil Blends.

The Top 6 Blends Essential Oil Set has pure essential oil blends cultivated from their country of origin. Plants farmed in their natural climate are always much higher quality. By sourcing from those regions, we start with the highest quality plant available in the world. Because we focus on being From Farm To You, we select plants only from sustainable growers that harvest plants in their native regions.

Our blends are 100% pure, which maximizes quality and offers a natural, holistic approach to a healthy life. Our Top 6 Blends are useful in a variety of ways. We use them for aromatherapy, making candles, and as a natural air freshener, to name a few.


  • Beautiful and soothing color changing lights.
  • Water tank capacity: 230 ML of water
  • Noise Level: <35 dB(A)


How to use GuruNanda Globe Essential Oil Diffuser

Modes of Operation

  1. Mist/Light Button 1st Press: To turn on the unit with continuous mode and blue color LED light.
  2. 2nd Press: To change to intermittent mode with red color LED light.
  3. 3rd Press: To turn off the light; mist remains in intermittent mode.
  4. 4th Press: To turn off the unit


  • To ensure the diffuser works properly, we recommend cleaning the diffuser while changing oils, or every 3 days
  • Disconnect the diffuser unit from power before cleaning
  • Use a cloth to clean exterior part of the unit with water
  • Use a cotton swab or cloth to clean the water tank
  • Keep water from entering the vent
  • Do not use detergents, solvents or abrasive agents to clean the diffuser unit
  • Use the diffuser unit on a dry and even surface