Essential Supplies

Protect yourself! Guru Nanda offers a wide variety of essential supplies and personal protective equipment to help you stay healthy. Shop a wide selection of face masks including re-useable cloth masks, Kids Face Masks, and KN95 Masks. Guru Nanda has also created new Hand Sanitizer blended with 100% Pure Essential Oil that not only kills germs but also smells wonderful. Available in 4 scents including Lavender, Essential Oil Hand Sanitizer Spray is perfect for travel and taking with you on the go. Plus, Guru Nanda has unscented Tru-Med Hand Sanitizer available in bulk quantities, perfect for office or home use. All Guru Nanda Hand Sanitizer is made with 70% Alcohol and contains no harsh chemicals. 
Shop Guru Nanda's selection of Essential Supplies and PPE Products today, including Contactless Infrared Thermometers, Face Masks, Hand Sanitizer and more!