Why You Should Include Essential Oils In Your Miracle Morning Routine

Have you heard about The Miracle Morning?

Wondering if it’s something you might enjoy?

Today’s guide will help you answer that question.

We’ll be discussing everything you need to know about The Miracle Morning routine, including:

  • Where The Miracle Morning came from
  • Why people should give it a try
  • One way to take this powerful method a step further

To start, here’s what you need to know about this popular morning practice.

What is The Miracle Morning Routine All About?

The Miracle Morning routine, created by Hal Elrod, holds a simple philosophy: dedicate time every single day to improving yourself and you’ll not only create and live a successful life, you’ll reach your full potential.

Elrod’s story is one of overcoming the odds after reaching rock bottom. When he was 20, Elrod was hit head-on by a drunk driver and declared dead at the scene for six minutes.

After coming back to life and recovering, Elrod again found himself on the verge of death in 2016. He was diagnosed with an aggressive form of cancer causing his kidneys, heart and lungs to start failing. After racking up credit card debt from his medical bills, he lost his house and spiraled into a deep depression.

In an attempt to pull himself out of this mentally, emotionally, and financially strained state, Elrod developed a strategy that transformed his life, and many others to come.

6 Steps to a Miracle Morning

The six-step method known as Life S.A.V.E.R.S. is the main blueprint for how to complete The Miracle Morning. The acronym stands for:

  • Silence (meditate, sit quietly, or practice your prayers)
  • Affirmations (repeat positive affirmations, review goals, set intentions for the day)
  • Visualization (imagine completing your day, picture your dreams coming to life)
  • Exercise (get moving by practicing yoga, lifting weights, running, etc.)
  • Reading (spend time reading self-help books and articles)
  • Scribing (journal, blog, get your thoughts out)

Journaling as part of the Miracle Morning routine

If you want a successful, happy life, you need to tackle each one of these on a daily basis.

But before you do so, it’s important to understand Elrod’s next principle called habit stacking.

Basically, habit stacking is when you stack these habits together and switch on autopilot.

So instead of having to remember each step, you just have to learn one sequence and make that sequence your morning habit.

Not only does this require less decision-making and willpower, it helps your momentum build at a much faster rate.

On top of that, habit stacking helps you knock out several positive habits at once instead of focusing on completing just one every 30 days, for example.

There’s also one more basic principle to understand here: to create the sequence, you should use the phrase, “After I [blank] … I will [blank].

In practice, you would say: After I meditate quietly for five minutes, I will practice my affirmations and review my goals.

Repeat this until you’ve tackled all six steps and you’ll have yourself a Miracle Morning.

You can complete this in as little as six minutes per day (one minute per step), or for as long as 60–90 minutes if you have more time, like on the weekends.

You can also switch up the order to keep life interesting and suit your schedule, or spend more time in certain areas over others. Just as long as you keep the entire practice one sequence, you’ll be good.

What if you’re a night owl who hates mornings?

You could still technically follow The Miracle Morning routine by practicing it anytime during the day. But you’ll have the greatest chance of setting yourself up for success the earlier you complete the sequence.

Still wondering if it’s worth your time?

Let’s discuss the benefits of The Miracle Morning next.

Should You Consider Using the Miracle Morning Routine?

So many people wake up each day and just go through the motions to get from one task or activity to the next.

Without clear intentions and direction, every day quickly turns into Groundhog Day where you eventually feel like your life is one giant hamster wheel.

By practicing the six steps of The Miracle Morning (plus the next bonus step), you can transform your mornings (and your life) for the better.

See, when you meditate, read positive affirmations, visualize your success, move your body, and power your brain through reading and journaling, you’ll be tackling your health and wellness on multiple different fronts.

And by using one easy-to-remember sequence, this will soon become a habit you’ll crave and want to repeat, creating a positive cycle instead of the draining proverbial hamster wheel.

So what if you learned there was a way to boost the effectiveness of your Miracle Mornings and help your brain and body at the same time?

Bonus Step: Include Essential Oils as Part of Your Routine

Essential oils have been used for centuries for a number of various health benefits.

When used as part of your Miracle Morning practice, essential oils may help:

To see which essential oils are best for your needs, be sure to click the link on the one you’re interested in.

Before you groan about adding another step to a six-step process, think of the essential oils as your trigger:

You can set the tone and the mood for your sequence with the right essential oils.

A few examples of how to do this before you attempt your S.A.V.E.R.S. are:

  • Diffusing a few drops of your chosen essential oil in an oil diffuser
  • Smelling the essential oils directly from the bottle
  • Combining the essential oils with water for a natural room spray

Each of these options help to set the mood and switch your brain’s gears from waking up, or any other activity you were doing, to completing your Miracle Morning in the right headspace.

Eventually your body and mind will associate smelling the essential oils with starting and completing your routine.

Try The Miracle Morning for 30 Days

One of Hal Elrod’s best suggestions, aside from his entire approach, is to give the Miracle Morning a 30-day try.

If you don’t find more peace and direction in your life, you can quit in less than a month without losing much time or any money.

We think you’ll find great success practicing the Miracle Morning routine and for double the impact, don’t forget to find an essential oil to pair with your new habit.

Stick to this plan and there’s no telling how you’ll transform your life into something amazing.  

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