What Are the Best and Worst Essential Oils for High Blood Pressure?

When it comes to natural ways to lower blood pressure, you’ve likely heard of tips like eating a Mediterranean diet and taking a fish oil supplement. But did you know you can also use essential oils to find relief? 

As you’ll see in today’s guide, there are six essential oils you’ll want to have stashed in your toolkit if you suffer from high blood pressure.

But before we get to those, let’s take a look at the research behind using essential oils for high blood pressure first.

The Research: Essential Oils and Blood Pressure

One recent study examined the effects of using essential oils on 83 prehypertensive and hypertensive patients.

Subjects were split in two groups; one group of participants was given a necklace to wear containing a true essential oil blend, while the other group received placebo necklaces of artificial fragrance to inhale.

The essential oil mix consisted of:

  • Lavender
  • Ylang-ylang
  • Marjoram
  • Neroli

Each participant wore and inhaled these scents over the course of 24 hours.

When participants were tested after this time, systolic blood pressure and stress levels decreased, especially during the day and when participants were at home — but only when the essential oils were smelled.

Researchers also found significant decreases in cortisol levels, which are often high in those who are stressed or have high blood pressure, but again only in those who inhaled the essential oil blend.

What’s even more astounding is researchers noted the effects of the essential oils for blood pressure were “immediate and continuous.” The participants in the placebo group, on the other hand, actually saw an increase in blood pressure and cortisol levels — which is why it’s important to only purchase 100% pure oils to reap the benefits. 

And those four essential oils aren’t the only ones that have this positive impact when it comes to high blood pressure.

As you’ll see next, there are several essential oils that may help.

Best Essential Oils for High Blood Pressure

If you or someone you know is dealing with high blood pressure or high stress levels, these six oils may be able to provide a bit of natural relief:

#1: Bergamot

Another study examined how a combination of essential oils, including bergamot, lavender, and ylang-ylang would affect 52 hypertensive patients.

Scientists learned this winning mixture had the power to reduce a person’s heart rate, blood pressure, psychological stress responses, and cortisol levels. And all of this was achieved simply by inhaling the essential oils for as little as 15-60 minutes.

One of the reasons why a Bergamot essential oil works so well here is that it may be able to help eliminate feelings of anxiousness.

The next few essential oils also have a similar relaxing property.

#2: Helichrysum

This study done on rats showed that a Helichrysum essential oil helped relax blood vessels, increased smooth muscle function, and lowered blood pressure as soon as it was absorbed into the animal’s bloodstream.

While more research still needs to be conducted on humans, so far the results are promising thanks to Helichrysum’s natural anti-inflammatory properties.

You can find high-quality Helichrysum essential oil here.

#3: Clary Sage

When a Clary Sage essential oil was inhaled for 60 minutes, researchers from one small study noticed participants experienced a 4.7% drop in systolic blood pressure and a 5.1% decrease in diastolic blood pressure.

The scientists in that study attributed the decreases in blood pressure to the anti-inflammatory property found in Clary Sage.

Using a Clary Sage essential oil may help to relieve tension and stress, which can further support reducing high blood pressure levels.

#4-#6: Cedarwood, Lavender, & Frankincense

While Lavender essential oil has been name-dropped in a few of the studies we highlighted today, Cedarwood and Frankincense can be just as effective when it comes to high blood pressure.

Lavender Essential Oil

In all three cases, these oils may help:

  • Quiet your mind
  • Center and relax you
  • Calm, balance and ground you

So to recap, the best essential oils for high blood pressure include:

  1. Bergamot
  2. Helichrysum
  3. Clary Sage
  4. Lavender
  5. Cedarwood
  6. Frankincense

You’ll want to jot these down so you always have a few of these essential oils handy when you’re feeling especially stressed.

Now let’s get to the essential oils you should steer clear of.

Worst Essential Oils for Blood Pressure

These three essential oils may not be right for those with high blood pressure:

#1: Rosemary

A Rosemary essential oil may be too stimulating for someone who is stressed or dealing with high blood pressure, which is why it’s not the best option here.

#2 and #3: Sage & Thyme

Thyme and Sage are two more essential oils that may increase hypertension symptoms and should be avoided.

How to Use Essential Oils for Blood Pressure

If you’d like to get started with essential oils, you have a few options to choose from:

#1: Directly Inhale From the Bottle

The easiest way to reap the many positive benefits that come with essential oils is to take several deep breaths straight from the bottle.

This method doesn’t require anything but a high-quality essential oil and your nose.

The only downside here is that it can be hard to sit that close to the bottle for an extended period of time.

best essential oils to use

That’s why the next three methods are preferred by most people, especially those with busy lifestyles.  

#2: Apply Topically

If you don’t have time to sit with your nose in a bottle, you can apply the oils topically to your wrists, neck, and forehead, so you can breathe the essential oils throughout your day.

Keep in mind, you shouldn’t do this without first mixing your essential oils with a carrier oil.

For readers who don’t want to apply anything directly to their skin, this next option may be a better choice.

#3: The Diffuser Method

With this method, you simply add a few drops of oil to an essential oil diffuser and the mix is dispersed into the air.

The powerful mist quickly fills up a room or any other space it’s in to give you immediate relief.

There’s also portable diffusers you can use in your car and options that work anywhere there’s an outlet, which means you can diffuse your essential oils on your way to and from work or even at your desk.

#4: Add a Few Drops to an Essential Oil Necklace

You can also purchase pieces of jewelry, such as necklaces and bracelets, that are specifically designed to hold a few drops of essential oil in them.

These four options for how to use essential oils for blood pressure allow you to inhale them throughout your day without having to re-work your entire busy routine just to find relief.

Start Using Essential Oils for Blood Pressure Today

When you’re living with high blood pressure, you may always be searching for natural relief to help your body calm down and melt away stress.

The good news is the six essential oils for blood pressure we discussed today can help you find your happy place.

Diffuse these essential oils as you get ready for your day, after a super stressful one, or anytime in between.

As long as you stick to the best essential oils on today’s list — and stay away from the three worst for blood pressure — you may be able to finally feel relaxed and recharged.

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