What Essential Oil is Used for Acne? Top 5 Essential Oils for Acne

Beautiful, healthy skin is everyone’s dream, and that dream can be shattered by acne.

All it takes is one little pimple or boil to make you feel insecure.

Some people have flawless skin and they never have any acne in their lives and if you are one of them, then you may want to skip this post.

But if you or anyone you know has mild to severe acne and want to finally get rid of this problem then keep reading to find out how you can achieve clear skin with the help of essential oils.

The Skin is Like a Mirror

looking in mirror woman

Your skin is like a mirror of your body; what you see on the outside reflects what your health is like on the inside.

If the acne is not taken care of initially, it can also develop into a cluster of pimples on the skin due to the spreading of germs on the dermis layer.

Let’s talk about some of the ways that acne affects millions of people worldwide:

Hormonal Problems

    This is one of the most common reasons why people get acne. Over 70% of people in their teens tend to experience hormonal acne. This is because their bodies are changing, and new neurochemicals are being released in the body.

    This causes the skin’s PH levels to be out of balance and acne forms on the skin. Excess of hormones such as testosterone and androgens, make teens get mild to severe breakouts that last for a long time.

    Women suffering from endocrine disorders that throw their hormone levels out of whack such as PCOS or endometriosis can also include cystic acne as one of the symptoms.

    Some women also report getting acne when they hit menopause because this is another crucial period of their life that involves an imbalance in hormone levels.

    Using Pore-Clogging Cosmetics and Makeup


    There are numerous cosmetics in the market that clog up the pores. It is important to use non-comedogenic cosmetics for the face because they don’t settle on the opening of the pores and irritate the skin.

    Wearing makeup for too long makes the skin to break out easily as the products have a layer of build-up clogging the pores.

    Primers that contain silicone or foundations/lotions that contain mineral oil are too heavy to be absorbed by the skin and that’s why they end up blocking the oxygen from the pores.

    Oily or Combination Skin

    oily skin acne

      The skin produces its own natural oils (sebum) to maintain its moisture, but excess sebum is a breeding ground for bacteria that can result in acne.

      Some people have naturally oily and combination skin and they have to wash their face multiple times a day so that their face doesn’t develop any harsh acne.

      Poor Diet

      pizza yeah

        The skin is the first indicator of a poor diet. The dullness, color tone, acne, wrinkles, and spots are all signs of what kind of dietary habits you have.

        Eating oily or spicy foods can cause the skin’s PH levels to lose their balance and that can trigger a breakout as well. Some people get allergic reactions to certain foods that result in acne as well.



          Have you ever wondered why you always get a pimple or a blemish once you have an important event or a presentation coming up?

          This is because of your stress levels. When the body produces a lot of cortisol (stress hormone), it triggers a response from the skin and causes a breakout.

          Using a Lot of Acne-Clearing Products

           too many acne products rinsing woman face

            Products that contain benzyl peroxide and sacylicic acid dry out the skin a lot. It might seem like they are working because they shrink the acne size but if they are used excessively, the skin produces more sebum to combat the dryness.

            This becomes counterproductive and causes even more acne on the skin.

            Essential Oils for Acne


            With so many acne treatments in the cosmetic industry, it is hard to choose the right one for yourself. It gets confusing and risky. You don’t want to spend thousands of dollars and still end up ruining your skin.

            This is where natural remedies and solutions such as essential oils come in. Essential oils have gained massive popularity in the last decade or so for their amazing benefits.

            More and more research is being done for various illnesses and conditions using essential oils as key ingredients for treatment.

            There is a solution for almost every health issue in the essential oil community and acne is one of them. You would be happy to know that there are certain essential oils that work effectively to reduce the pimples and spots on your face and body better than any medicine.

            The best part is that they are completely safe and have no side effects if taken according to the instructions.

            Here are the Top 5 Essential Oils for Acne

            Tea Tree Oil

            Tea tree oil is a light yellow colored oil extracted from the leaves of the myrtle tree. Tea tree oil has many skin healing properties that make it one of the go-to essential oils whenever the skin has a breakout.

            Many modern cosmetics use tea tree oil as one of their main ingredients to sell their acne fighting products. Tea tree oil has the following properties:

            • Antifungal
            • Antibacterial
            • Antiseptic
            • Antimicrobial
            • Antiviral
            • Expectorant
            • Antioxidant

            These essential qualities of the oil make it a powerful ingredient that works on the skin like magic.

            Research has proven that the results of tea tree oil are like those of all the acne treatments that are commercially used by dermatologists. The only difference is that it is a lot safer and doesn’t do any damage as compared to those chemical-based treatments.

            How to Use Tea Tree Oil:

            Always use a 100% natural tea tree essential oil. Since it is highly concentrated and in its purest form, tea tree oil should only be used sparingly and only on those troubled spots on the skin where the acne has flared up.

            Put a drop or two of tea tree oil on a cotton ball and apply it on the acne. Alternately, you can also use a Q-tip and dampen it with the oil and apply it on the skin.

            You can also add a few drops in your face wash.

            Use a spray bottle filled with water and add 10-15 drops of tea tree oil to it. Spritz it daily on your face to prevent any breakouts or treat any existing ones.

            Lavender Essential Oil

            When it comes to essential oils, lavender is the go-to oil for everyone. It has so many benefits that it has become almost a staple in the cabinets of many people. It is extracted from lavender flowers in the mint family. Not only does it have an amazing smell, but it plays a huge role in healing the skin from various problems.

            The following are the unique properties of lavender essential oil:

            • Antimicrobial
            • Antioxidant
            • Anti-stress
            • Anti-inflammatory
            • Relaxant

            Those who have acne flare-ups due to stress and anxiety can greatly benefit from lavender. It helps them to calm down thereby reducing their cortisol levels in the body.

            Studies have shown lavender to decrease the stress levels in the body and relax the muscles. It promotes quality sleep and good digestion as well. These are two factors that help in maintaining healthy skin.

            Using lavender essential oil can help alleviate any anxiety in the body that would trigger the excess production of sebum.

            How to Use Lavender Essential Oil:

            Use 5-10 drops of lavender essential oil in a diffuser and let it permeate the room. You can also apply the oil topically by using 2-3 drops on the wrists and rubbing them gently. Use it on the temples and on the back of the neck as well. Don’t use it directly on any active acne as it can irritate the skin.

            Clary Sage

            Not many people know about clary sage essential oil except for those who are in the essential oil and alternative healing community.

            Clary Sage essential oil contains a special ingredient called linalyl acetate that works to reduce the redness and swelling on the skin caused by acne. It shrinks the acne without drying out the skin; therefore, there is no excess sebum production as well. The properties of clary sage essential oil are:

            • Anti-inflammatory
            • Antibacterial
            • Antiseptic
            • Antidepressant
            • Relaxant
            • Digestive aid
            • Sedative

            For the skin, clary sage has proven to be a natural remedy for healing all types of skin conditions including acne, eczema, and rosacea.

            How to Use Clary Sage:

            It is always best to use clary sage with a carrier oil such as coconut and jojoba and apply it evenly on the affected area of the skin. Using a carrier oil for the skin will not make the skin any oilier because you will only be using a small amount on the skin; therefore, it is safe to be applied topically.

            Peppermint Essential Oil

            Plants from the mint family have always proven to be important essential oils for the skin. Due to their high levels of antibacterial properties, they help in restoring the pH levels of the skin and bring it back to optimum health.

            Peppermint essential oil is extracted from the leaves of the peppermint plant and is one of the most used ingredients for removing acne and breakouts in people. It is a great alternative for tea tree oil as well and sometimes a combination of both can become a powerful anti-acne treatment.

            Properties of peppermint essential oil include:

            • Antibacterial
            • Antiseptic
            • Antifungal
            • Anti-inflammatory
            • Digestive aid
            • Energy booster
            • Relaxant

            How to Use Peppermint Essential Oil for Acne:

            The best way to use this essential oil is to mix it in a non-comedogenic lotion or cream. It can also be used in glycerin soap or mixed in the face wash.

            Lemon Essential Oil

            When life gives you lemons, you don’t just make lemonade but instead, go a step further and get their essential oil! The power of citric acid for the skin brings in some amazing benefits and has been used in healing remedies for various illnesses. Lemon essential oil works great for people with acne and severe breakouts. Here are some of its unique properties:

            • Excellent source of Vitamin C
            • Antioxidants
            • Anti-inflammatory
            • anticarcinogenic
            • Digestive Aid
            • Purifies and detoxifies

            How to Use Lemon Essential Oil:

            Lemon essential oil nourishes and hydrates the skin and helps control sebum production; therefore, it has a two-way acne fighting system.

            Make a homemade face wash that includes 2 tablespoons baking soda, 2 tablespoon honey and a few drops of lemon essential oil. Mix all these ingredients together to form a thick paste and massage all over the face and then wash with warm water.

            Alternatively, you can use a carrier oil and dab a drop of it on the affected areas.

            Essential Oil Blend for Acne:

            One of the best ways to fight acne using essential oils is to make a potent blend that will ward off any bacteria on the skin.

            You will need to pick a carrier oil in a 30-ml bottle. Jojoba and coconut work best as carrier oils. Then you need to dilute in the following essential oils

            Lavender-10-15 drops

            Tea Tree oil—25 drops

            Clary Sage—30 drops

            Peppermint—30 drops

            Lemon—30 drops

            Use this essential oil blend for severe breakouts or once a week to prevent any future acne popping up. Since this is a very strong and potent blend, it is advised not to use it every day.


            The Earth is full of natural treasures that are there to provide us with all the answers to our problems. Essential oils are the extracts of those powerful herbs and flowers that need to be used regularly to enjoy their full benefits.

            What is your favorite way to treat acne?

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