Essential Oil Holiday Gift Guide

It’s never too early to stock up for the most wonderful time of the year. To make shopping easy and fun, check out this Essential Oil Holiday Gift Guide. Aromatherapy, which is the use of aromatic plant extracts such as essential oils for self-healing, is a trend on the rise!

As more people discover this ancient healing technique, essential oils are increasingly becoming prized possessions for anyone lucky enough to have them. Check out our stunning aromatherapy products below and surprise your loved ones with a unique gift this holiday season!

Enjoy saving 25% off sitewide when you spend $100 or more from now until December 25th at 11:59 PM.

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For Better Skin and Breathing

The White Tower XL

Tower XL

The Tower XL is the world’s first open-top humidifier and essential oil diffuser in one unit! It can help fight off dry skin and open up the airways. If you or someone you care about lives in a dry area or has dry skin or breathing issues, the Tower XL can provide oodles of benefits.

Currently $69.99

For the Travelers

Misti Facial Hydration Diffuser + 2 Free Rose Waters

This Misti Facial Hydration Diffuser comes with two free Rose Waters, which enables you to get a quick hydrating mist wherever you are. It’s an awesome gift because it can be carried in the pocket and applied as needed in dry climates or hot temperatures.

Currently $19.99

Mobile USB Car Diffuser + Free Essential Oil

This Mobile USB Car Diffuser comes with a free essential oil and is ideal for commuters. You can refresh your car with nature’s scents and heal yourself with its therapeutic properties on the road.

Currently $19.99

Vacation Essentials + Free Gift

This Vacation Essentials Kit includes both the Mobile USB Car Diffuser w/Free Essential Oil and the Misti with two free Rose Waters. Whether you want to give these out as gifts or keep them to yourself, check out this kit and save!

Currently $39.99

For Everyone

The Whole Farm to You: 35 Oils + Free Gifts

This massive collection is the ultimate aromatherapy kit which includes 35 oils, the Eternity Diffuser, and a 36-count wooden box. The great thing about this gift is that you can break it down into multiple gifts and have everyone remember you when they pop open an essential oil bottle. According to Psychology Today, our sense of smell is our most powerful memory trigger!

Currently $499.99

The Ultimate Holiday Gift Set

If the Whole Farm to You is more than you’d like, the Ultimate Holiday Gift Set might be exactly what you’re looking for. The Ultimate Holiday Gift Set has our top 8 essential oils along with an 8-count wooden storage box and an 8-count carrying bag.

Currently $69.99

Natural Mist USB Wall Plug-In Diffuser – 8 Count Box 

Natural Mist USB Wall Plug-In Diffuser - 8-Count

Anyone who you give essential oils to will appreciate a portable, easy-to-use diffuser. This set comes with 8 Natural Mist USB Wall Plug-Ins, which you can hand out individually to anyone on your list. Even if they don’t have essential oils yet, they’ll be excited to try some!

Currently $169.99

For the Insomniacs

Best Oils for Sleep + Free Gift

If someone in your life has trouble sleeping at night, this could be the best gift they’ve gotten…ever. With one Lavender Essential Oil, and 3 proprietary blends that are designed to lull you to sleep, those with trouble sleeping are sure to be pleased with your gift.

Currently $44.99

For the Newbies

Top 6 Essential Oil Singles + Free Gift

Whether you’re looking to get a gift for the aroma-deficient one in your life or simply want to have our top 6 most popular essential oils, this set has you covered. To top it off, it currently comes with a free gift!

Currently $29.99

Top 6 Essential Oil Blends + Free Gift 

Top 6 Essential Oil Blends

If you like essential oil blends with specific benefits, try our Top 6 Blends along with a free gift. Although it’s tempting to play chemist with your single essential oils, these are already carefully formulated for specific conditions and benefits.

Currently $29.99


Please remember to apply the discount code in order to get 25% off when you spend $100 or more!


Happy Shopping!

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