Does Oil Pulling Help with Sagging Skin?

Oil pulling is trending, and it will continue to trend upwards thanks to its variety of powerful benefits.

In this episode, the Guru himself answers one of your most burning questions about oil pulling.


Does oil pulling help with sagging skin?

Guru Answer

Yes, it can. 

When you perform oil pulling, you’re using the majority of your facial muscles for 10, 12, or 15 minutes depending on how long you prefer. 

A great way to maximize the benefits of oil pulling regarding saggy skin is to do it when you’re in the shower.

The reason why is because you will be in more of a meditative mode, and you can get yourself in the zone to do higher intensity training. 

For example, you can perform oil pulling and swish with much more vigor in order to use all those facial muscles to their full potential. 

Any sagging skin that you have will become tighter over time due to the work you’re putting in. 

Without the use of any artificial substances, you are able to naturally tighten your muscles and skin, creating a sort of natural anti-aging effect!

What questions do you have about oil pulling? Let us know in the comments below! 


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