DIY Holiday Scents – How to Make Things Smell Like Christmas

To get the holiday spirit in full effect, you gotta make it smell like Christmas.

What does Christmas smell like?

Perhaps one of the most popular Christmas scents is that Pine Needle, which is reminiscent of a Christmas tree’s scent. Pine Needle, Sweet Orange, and Cinnamon Essential Oils enable you to capture that holiday spirit and share it with family and friends. 

Adding essential oil to your pinecones, gifts, and Christmas cards can create an olfactory experience for your friends and family that they’ll never forget.

Scented Pinecones

To create the classic Christmas tree scent, try adding Pine Needle Essential Oil to your pine cones.


  1. Collect some pinecones.
  2. Cook them in the oven at 200 degrees F for approximately 30 minutes.
  3. Place one drop of essential oil on each pinecone. We recommend Cinnamon, Pine Needle or Sweet Orange Essential Oil depending on the mood you’re going for.
  4. Place the pinecones on your Christmas tree or in a decorative bowl.

Scented Gifts

The sense of smell is a human being’s primary connection to memory. If you want your gifts to be memorable, you can’t go wrong by making it smell beautiful.


  1. Buy the best gift ever
  2. Add a few drops of Sweet Orange and/or Cinnamon Essential Oil to a cotton ball.
  3. Use the cotton ball to apply the scent to the gift wrapping and the gift itself shortly before gifting time.  

Scented Christmas Cards

Christmas cards have beautiful images and beautiful words, but they are missing a beautiful smell! Spice up your Christmas cards like this:

  1. Buy the best Christmas card ever (or make your own!)
  2. Place a few drops of Cinnamon and/or Pine Tree Essential Oil on a cotton ball.
  3. Place the cotton ball along with your gift inside of a plastic bag.
  4. Close the bag and allow it to sit overnight.   
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