Why did my diffuser stop misting?

When removing the lid to clean or refill the diffuser, sometimes the plastic insert that fits into the lid comes off. If you try to stick that insert directly into the diffuser, it will not allow the diffuser to mist. Instead, the insert needs to be properly reattached to the lid. At the top of the plastic insert, there is a small, rectangular slit. There is a plastic circle in the middle of the lid with four small tabs. To reattach the insert to the lid, you must align the small slit on the insert with the longest tab on the inside of the lid. The insert should then snap into place, allowing your diffuser to continue misting. See the following images.

Will too much water in my diffuser hinder it from working properly?

Yes, too much water or too little water will prevent your diffuser from working properly. Water should never surpass the red line on the inside of the diffuser that reads “MAX LEVEL”. Also, when the water gets low enough, your diffuser will also stop misting letting you know that it is time to refill.

The glue around the edge of my diffuser has melted and I can no longer remove the lid. What do I do?

We have discovered recently that cinnamon oil has the power to erode the glue around the inside of the diffuser, causing the lid to stick. If you have been using cinnamon oil in your diffuser, please discontinue use. If your diffuser has already experienced this kind of damage, please send it to us immediately and we would be happy to replace it for you: ATTN: Debora Romano‚Ä® (debora@healthlandllc.com) 560 W Lambert Road. Brea, California, 92821

Why is my diffuser leaking?

There are a few reasons why your diffuser may be leaking. One could be that it is too full. Check to make sure your water level does not exceed the red line. Another cause could be that the lid has not been attached properly the “Why did my diffuser stop misting” question above for directions on how to properly attached you diffuser lid.

I can’t find the adapter that goes with my diffuser. Is it sold separately?

All diffusers come with an adapter inside of the package. You will find the adapter inside of the box packaged separately from the diffuser. Do not throw the box away without retrieving your adapter!

What kind of plastic do you use to produce the diffusers?

We use virgin polypropylene for the water talk inside of the diffuser. The outer covers are molded in virgin ABS.

My diffuser came with lavender and peppermint essential oils. Can I add both oils to the diffuser at the same time?

You can absolutely diffuse with more than one oil at once and create your own unique blends. In doing so, you can reap the benefits of both oils simultaneously. Just refrain from adding spice oils like cinnamon because they can become corrosive to your diffuser. Also, when diffusing with citrus oils, make sure to add water to your diffuser first before adding drops of the essential oil.