Guru Nanda Clove Essential Oil 2 Count, 15 ml each

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PREMIUM CLOVE ESSENTIAL OIL: This oil is made from clove, sourced from Indonesia, known as the Spice Islands, to ensure highest quality and authenticity. Clove has a spicy and woody aroma which helps to refresh your mind and body.

100% PURE GCMS CERTIFIED: Every bottle of GuruNanda oil goes through rigorous testing to ensure that our essential oils are 100% natural, undiluted and cruelty-free. This oil is packed in a 15 ml amber bottle with a leak-proof cap to maximize its shelf-life.

MULTIPLE USES: Add a few drops of the oil in a diffuser or a mist humidifier for a relaxing aromatherapy, or use it to make lotions or scrubs. You may use it as a natural cleanser for your house to eliminate bad odors. For dental use, add a few drops to a cup of water, and gargle for a 1-2 minutes for a refreshing feel.